Is Your Website ready for the Christmas Holidays?

December 5, 2017
By Technource

A very short chunk of time it was! The year has passed without realising the warp speed of the earth around the sun. Again, came back to the closing of old (a year back) activities and buying new things, preparing an arena of latest brought items. A peak of buying season is about to or almost has come up. Is your website prepared for the upcoming rush? If not, do ensure! Websites are going to be these days an everyday peak hour of times square, NYC. As a prominent eCommerce development & web development company, we inspect the quality experience of visitors that come to our clients base sites.

Get prepared Your eCommerce Store! Don’t make Awaiting Queues disappointment with a poor resulting store (website).

Checking from the roots will give more enhanced results. Why not begin with?

website-seo-audit-main-headerAnalysing the data & Speed

Most of the business is having data that directs them along the way to their business in future and present. A data that is changing every year but not drastically. On that analysis of the business, the strategies can be made. The baseline of any business relies upon the analysis of the income and outcomes of the client base. And that can be restructured by reforming/ preparing the website. Each year the number of people shopping online is getting increased and you can expect 20 percent or maybe 50 percent a direct increase in your business revenue.

Well, the loading speed is another factor that affects your buyers online. Because the people are more likely to think that wasting for loading the site is creating a chaos. Rather buying from another online store.

Plus the site that loads faster increases the rank in Google, too. It is not the only reason for keywords to make site higher ranked, speed matters equally.

Optimization for Mobile Devices

It is being noted day by day that users on the mobile devices such as SmartPhones and tablets are increasing. The number of people is getting with such handy devices are more likely to comfortable with it than the desktop devices. So the websites need to be mobile optimized to great extent. People can browse the eCommerce websites easily is more likely to increase the business popularity.

Going for the first time somewhere? Better to Avoid Unknown/new Roads!

Because when its time to show the performance, it may get converted into showing flaws as a consequence of driving on new roads!

It is fact that the people, including me and I, will not try new roads for going to any destination. And of course not the new food from the new places when we get hunger indeed. So why to approach new vendors for website repair especially when it’s the season of your online store? Avoid those completely new optimization methods or adding unknown plugins or following the newbie’s advice or techniques on your website. It is good to go with the experienced web development company.

Does Everyone try to connect the dots on the same surface?


When you are dealing with a customer, it is important to take care of your customer’s single move. Because for a customer, you are a single answer and for you, there are many. So to keep eye on customer’s shopping experience is the best thing you can provide from your eCommerce store.

The intending meaning beneath the subtitle here is to keep all the departments on the same page. IT department of your eCommerce website should know the marketing activities. Because a website gets higher load or traffic if the marketing team has issued new offers or applied some captivating strategies. So the shopping website needs to be an exemplary stop to any customer’s  imagination. Same as the customer service people should know the running activities. Because they need to answer directly to the customers about ongoing activities, offers or queries.

A Website, alone can not make the perfect room for a great shopping experience. But needs to engage an up to date preparation for the shopping seasons. Engrave Your Business with excellent Web Development / eCommerce development company that aids with top-notch business success!