Newbie to Angularjs Development? Keep this mini-pilot with You!

October 25, 2017
By Technource

Angularjs Development is the technology of experienced people. No that’s not the case! If you are able to cope with javascript’s robust app building platform. And if you ever don’t try it, You’ve missed out the silver line of the latest technology. The important thing is why you have needed Angular? What sort of objectives are you lacking in the current? And rushed directly towards Angular!

“Well, whatever the reason is, You need to learn Angular js and ready to deal with mumbo-jumbos of Angular directives.  Here is the style guide. Or say a guiding pilot with some better ways and shortcuts, maybe! And that is when already we have Angular 2 to add more with MVC patterns to separate presentations, data and logic components.“

Special Thanks to Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons and the Year 2009. For Gifting us the most favorable javascript framework of the time – Angular JS

Delving Into the Angularjs Essence:

The Structure

For a newbie, it is somehow, don’t know the situation with any technology. Because computer programming is the best for creating things we want and we love but what if we don’t know where to get that stuff. Specifically working with Angular, It is hard to have a sense of getting files and what files should be considered? And even where to get them and what is necessary one?

See the Below Tips


Use Github to find the relevant solutions for projects. For an instance, GitHub has angular-seed project. It is good to go with building any typical Angularjs application. yeoman-logo

Using yeoman will also do the best with creating a skeleton and adding other tools such as bower and grunt.

The imperative thing is to know what sort of application we are gonna build up. Because scrutinizing with AngularJs directives and files are the secondary thing. Depending on the nature of your project, you can speed up the app creation.


modulesDefining modules means to separate things in accordance with the requirement. For an instance, You have created the module for controllers. And it relies upon beneath the services module. When it necessitates you need to call the whole Services part. Here main focus is to plan proactively. Back in the time, noconflict() function was used to differentiate between global and local parameters. But now it is no longer in use. The tendency represents the flow to hire AngularJS developer at rapid speed to add such advancements in the upcoming projects.


scope angular jsThe scope is the special Javascript element. To join the controller with each separate view, scopes play a vital role.

  • $Scopes are passed as the first argument for the controller while using in constructor definition.
  • Mainly there are two methods in use for HTML page $scope.message and $scope.type

Scopes are specific to their controllers. They follow the inheritance. The nested controllers follow the practice of inheriting parent controllers for each child controller that has defined.

Dependency Injection

Dependency+Injection+in+Angular+2Dependency injection is defined as the dependency between the components. It is used for reusing the components despite getting confused between the tough codes. It will greatly affect in components reusability, reliability, and maintainability. The dependency components are listed below. Angular js offers the finest performance over dependency injection.

  • Value
  • Factory
  • Service
  • Provider
  • Constant

Observable Data service

An observable data service is an impeccable feature of Angular JS. It is used to provide data to the multiple parts of the application. Here you can call more than one service at a time and can be injected anywhere the data is needed.

Final Words

If you are a current fresher and want to dive into the technologies like AngularJS, you should refer such blogs and encounter upgrades. AngularJS consulting services are increasing to support clientele class of AngularJS Web Application Development.







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