The Comparison Between Node.JS and Golang: Which One to Choose?

When you think of making a web app, choosing the right language is the major issue. If you are confused between Nodejs and Golang, this blog can help you. You need to know about Nodejs vs Golang because comparison can help you choose the right language for your dream project.

Our Nodejs web development company makes you aware of some crucial points about Nodejs and Go so that you can easily choose the right language for your web or app. Let’s begging the journey by knowing about Nodejs and Go below.

What Is Nodejs?

Nodejs is one of the best backend frameworks. It is an open-source, single-threaded, runtime environment for JavaScript. You can build fast and scalable server-side applications using it. There are many apps built in Nodejs. You can know why does Netflix uses Node JS if you are planning for a similar app. Moreover, Amazon, Netflix, eBay, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and PayPal all use Node JS.

Features of Nodejs

  • Asynchronous & Event-Driven
  • No Buffering
  • Single-Threaded
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Fast Data Streaming
  • Uses JavaScript

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What Is Golang?

It is a statically typed, compiled programming language developed in 2007 by Google. Many people call it Go also. The team that developed Go studied the C programming language thoroughly. They wanted to keep the features in the new language as well. Moreover, you build highly modular applications with the help of Golang. But many people have a question, is Go a back-end or front-end language? It’s a full-stack language but is mostly used for back-end development. Google, Uber, Twitch, Daily Motion, Send grid, SoundCloud, Dropbox, and many apps use Go.

Features of Golang

  • Open-source
  • Concurrency Support
  • Static Typing
  • Testing Capabilities
  • Garbage Collection
  • Standard Library

Have a look at the most used programming languages in the image below.




You can notice most used language is JavaScript and with 64.96% and Node js is used by 33.91% of developers. The preference of the languages depends on the need and type of project. Moreover, you have to choose frontend and backend languages by comparing at least two languages.

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The Comparison Between Node.JS and Golang


Both languages have their pros and cons which is why choosing one for your project makes you confused. However, selecting one is not that difficult, if you know Golang vs Nodejs or the difference between both the technologies.

We will use some key areas to compare Nodejs and Golang. It will make understanding the differences easy and you can choose the right language for your website or app.

  • Learning Curve
  • Scalability
  • Error Handling
  • Performance
  • Developers’ Salary
  • Availability of Developers
  • Level of Maturity
  • The Concurrency
  • Front-end & Back-end
  • Blockchain Implementation

These are the 10 key areas. Read about all of them in the space below comprehensively.

1. Learning Curve

According to the report by Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021 9.55% of all developers and 10.51% of professional developers use Go. Whereas, 6.3 million websites use Nodejs. However, learning Node.js can be easy because many tutorials are available for the same and if you know JavaScript, learning Nodejs is a cakewalk for you.

On the other hand, you have to learn the basics of a new language to become a Go developer.
Moreover, you have to learn its specific possesses, concepts, rules, interfaces, database connections, pointers, and more. So, Node.js has a simple learning process.

2. Scalability

Golang is a better choice if you want scalability. But, why is Golang scalable? Simplicity, tools, and compilation are the reasons for its scalability. Moreover, Go supports concurrency better. However, Nodejs also has scalability but it’s not as good as Golang.

Likewise, this programming language or JavaScript run-time environment is not suitable for large projects because of a weak parallel process. Goroutines prove effective for the Golang in this case. So, hire Nodejs developers as per your need.

3. Error Handling

Nodejs allows the use of a Catch mechanism that makes detecting the errors easy for the developers. Since it’s a common and conventional method to find errors, developers can easily use it. Whereas Golang uses an explicit error handling method, therefore troubleshooting becomes a difficult task in it.

However, you can still choose it because it offers clean applications due to persistent behavior. But, needs more time to fix errors in the applications.

4. Performance

Golang offers better performance than Nodejs. It is because Nodejs is a JavaScript run-time environment thus it is slow compared to Golang. It can offer optimum services as a CPU-bound memory, but Nodejs can’t due to JavaScript.

5. Developers’ Salary

Around $119,448 per year is the salary of a Nodejs developer in the USA while a Golang developer makes a 135,000 salary per year in the USA. Why is the difference? Because Golang is an entire programming language whereas, Nodejs is a run-time environment of JavaScript.

Moreover, JavaScript is a widely known language and there are many developers of Nodejs. On the other hand, Golang is an un-explored language.

6. Availability of Developers

It’s crucial to know about the availability of developers because you can know better about Nodejs vs Golang. It is not used by many developers whereas, Nodejs is a popular language among several developers. Therefore, you will not have to struggle to find Nodejs developers, but have to research to find the best Golang developers.

7. Level of Maturity

Which is more mature between Node and Golang? Go has a greater degree of maturity because it undergoes enhancements and development. But, in the case of Nodejs, you see APIs undergo many changes. It leads to the lack of maturity in Nodejs.

8. The Concurrency

It is where Golang is a clear winner. Go uses co-routines also called Goroutines in which the basis of the mechanism is single-threaded. Go language uses lightweight thread and Goroutine manages it. Likewise, the interactions between Goroutines become simple due to channels. So, Golang has the ability to run functions independently.

9. Front-end & Back-end

Developers use JavaScript for client-side development. In other words, they give priority to JavaScript for front-end development. The code of Go also runs on browsers with the help of Goper.js. But, developers choose it for back-end development because it’s the best option to create concurrent applications.
Moreover, you will not face issues while switching to client-side development using Nodejs.

10. Blockchain Implementation

Blockchain implementation is becoming crucial in today’s time. So, you must think about this technology as well while choosing between Nodejs and Golang. It seems easier to implement blockchain in applications using Nodejs. It is easy in apps because it entails the application of an array and maps it in a way that it holds the ordered hashes. And the map holds the un-ordered hashes.

So, these are the key areas through which you can understand the Nodejs vs Golang.

We will look at some of the important frameworks that make the work of developers convenient and fast. Nodejs and Golang both have good frameworks. Let’s know about them in the space below.


What Are the Top Golang Frameworks?

Go is widely used by developers for web apps. They use various Go frameworks for web application development but there are no frontend frameworks for Go. 17% of developers used Go in 2020 as per the reports by JetBrains Developer Ecosystem Survey. Let’s have a look at these famous frameworks of Golang, presented by JavaScript development company Technource.

1. Gin

Developers can manage errors conveniently using Gin. It documents the errors as they occur and the developers can handle them on time. Moreover creating middleware is also easy for them. It uses references while running that cover small memory.

2. Iris

Iris is fully accordant and flexible with external libraries. The developers can choose what they want to make with the libraries. It is simple to use and developers can generate impressive solutions using it.

3. Beego

It is used for the rapid development of REST APIs, web applications, and back-end services. So, if you want to know is Golang frontend or backend, you can understand it is for full-stack developers.

4. Echo

Echo has a highly optimized HTTP router with zero dynamic memory allocation. It helps to prioritize routes. You can build robust and scalable REST APIs and organize them into groups with ease. It is an extensible and minimalist web framework in Golang.

5. Fiber

Fiber helps to reduce traffic to a specific endpoint. The server handles its files, style sheets, scripts, images, and makes them cache without difficulties. Moreover, the developers don’t have to worry about the content because it remains static.

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What Are the Top Nodejs Frameworks?

Nodejs offers various development frameworks that support specific tasks in the development lifecycle. Many websites use Nodejs and developers take the help of its frameworks for fast and quality solutions.

1. Hapi.js

It is a powerful and robust open-source Nodejs framework. The developers can build JSON APIs with the help of it. You can build websites, HTTP proxy applications, and an Application Programming Interface (API) with Hapi.js.

2. Koa.js

It was developed and maintained by a community of a Nodejs framework. It is a cross-platform, server-side runtime environment. The developers can build fast and effective network applications with the help of Koa.js.

3. Meteor.js

Developers can build applications using Nodejs on the Meteor.js platform. Moreover, they can use other frameworks like Angular and React. Meteor.js comes with real-time features that make it fast. Impressively integrated front-end with back-end.

4. Derby.js

You can develop modern web applications with the help of Derby.js. It is an open-source, full-stack framework for developing real-time and impressive applications. Moreover, it allows server rendering, components and data-binding, and real-time collaboration.

5. Total.js

Total.js supports MVC architecture, and developers can use it with other frameworks like Angular js, Polymer, Backbone.js, and Bootstrap. It is because of the easy compatibility of Total.js with these frameworks.

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Wrapping Up

Now you must have understood the Nodejs vs Golang. Henceforth you will not get confused while choosing between both of them. If you still face issues, you can contact Technource. We have 9+ years of experience in web and app development, sign NDA, offer post-launch support, and development prices are also affordable.

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