Yesterday on 3rd Feb, 2016 “Office Group Lunch”, was arranged at Technource. Employees brought different hand-made dishes and had a lunch together. We had lots of dishes in “Technource Group Lunch” as in veggies we had Haldi ki sabji, Bhindi ki sabji, Suki Bhaji and Gujarat’s special food item – “Undhiyu”. In sweets we had Gajar ka Halva, Gulab Jamun and Kheer. Not only this we also had Fryms, Chapati, Thepla, Puri, Pulav and at last ended with Butter-milk.

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After Lunch we played “Antakshari”. The entire game was thrilling and Pratik Mistry (SEO Executive) was declared as “The Best performer of the day”. There was lots of enjoyment, employees got some break from their hectic work Schedule and had a feeling of refreshment and joy.

Special thanks to Dixit Parmar (HR Department) for scheduling such awesome event in office.

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