Tapori Day / Mismatch Day Celebration at Technource

February 17, 2016
By Technource

12th Feb, 2016 was the last day of days celebration 2016 in Technource. It was tapori day/mis-match day celebration in Technource. Every one dressed themselves in an odd outlook. They all look like taporis or gangsters. On that day “Tapori” atmosphere was created in Technource. At the end of the day we had photography at Mondeal square and lots of fun. This year’s day celebration was thrilling. Now everyone is awaiting for the next season!!!

Special thanks to Dixit Parmar (HR) and Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit (CEO) for making an amazing week for all the technourcians.
You can have a look at Technourcians in tapori get up below:

tapori day at technource

tapori day at technource Team

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