Technource Awarded Rahul as an Employee of the Month of July

August 19, 2015
By Technource

“Technource always appreciates the staff members for their performance.”

Employee of the month award is the popular award in the corporate world to incentive the employees for better work and admire the employee for the outstanding job. This awards not just beneficial to the company but also helps the employee in making a creditable career. Technource also awards ‘Employee Of Month’ regularly from beginning.

The employee of the month award distributes to only one employee from three major departments, Web Development, Web Designing and SEO Department of the Technource. So you can imagine that outstanding performance is required to achieve a prestige award.

Actually, achieving this award in the Technource is not a simple matter due to enthusiastic and job dedicated staffs. All family members are honestly given their best performance in growth of the company. We are proud of Technource family.

Congratulations Rahul Gajariya

Rahul Employee Of the Month Technource

Rahul Gajariya, a member of web development department is selected for the Employee of the Month for July 15. He achieved the awards due to his outstanding performance and professional approach in the office meanwhile July month. Mr. Rahul is appreciated with certificate by CEO Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit.

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Rahul is also an enthusiastic and excellent performer of the company. He always completes his tasks in within a time limit so we are successfully delivered every project in promise boundary lines to our clients. Many times, he worked after finishing office hours with other family members. If we talk about his behavior in office, he is supportive and actively participates in the company’s activities. Therefore, Rahul truly deserved for this award and we have glad that he was selected for the award.

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