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November 16, 2016
By Technource

One More Achievement by Technource (Techno Source Web Pvt. Ltd.)

Technource is now a Google Adwords Certified Partner means we are the trusted agency to manage clients’ Google Marketing. It’s a really a big achievement for our Digital marketing team, which have put lots of efforts to clear the examination. A big big big congratulation to Team.

What is Google Adwords Certification:

As per Google; it is a professional google adwords certification given by Google to those who have proved the proficiency in basic as well as advanced Aspects of Adwords (Pay Per Click / PPC). This certification allows demonstrating that the person having this value certification consider as an expert in Online Marketing by Google.

We have gained of all certification Google Adwords Advertising:

Search Advertising:

google adwords certified - TechnourceThe Search advertising exam covers the basic & advanced search network concepts like create, manage, measure and optimize the search ad campaigns. Having dealt with professional search advertising experts means no worry about your search campaign and ROI of your website. They will fulfill your requirements regarding your search ad campaigns.

Display Advertising:

display-adwords-googleThis exam covers the advanced display network concepts including the best practices for setting up, managing, measuring & optimizing of the campaigns. A display advertising certified expert can help you to increase traffic to your website and brand awareness.

Mobile Advertising:

mobile-adwordsThis exam is designed to judge the proficiency of a mobile advertiser. It includes bidding & targeting, ad formats, campaign measurement, and optimization. With mobile advertising, a businessman can reach to a broad audience that loves surfing on mobile.

Video Advertising:

video-adwordsThe video advertising exam covers the basic as well as advanced concepts including creating, managing, measuring and optimizing the campaigns across YouTube & web. If you are looking for someone to advertise your product/service on YouTube effectively; make sure that s/he is a video advertising certified expert.

Shopping Advertising:

google-shoppingThe shopping advertising is designed for the businessmen who want to advertise their products on Google Search networks. To judge the proficiency of a shopping advertising professional, this exam conducted by Google, which includes creating a Google merchant center account, product data feed, creating and optimizing shopping campaigns.

Technource has proved its proficiency in each advertising campaign and becomes a trusted Google Adwords certified partner. You can check here for more Technource Certifications. If you are going to advertise on the Google Adwords (PPC); Technource will be a good partner.




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