Things to Be Considered Before Starting Facebook Advertising Campaign

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  • The influenced of the online marketing is increasing due to the enormous mass of the audience has been spending their valuable times on the social media. Thus, marketers are focusing on the social media branding for brand awareness and entice the potential customers. We know that Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. is the popular platform and millions of users come with it every day.

    Facebook is on the top in all social media platforms and millions of people using the platform. The Facebook has started “Facebook Ads” service for branding purposes. Lots of brands are investing in Facebook Ads for seeking the targeted customers. However, not all marketers’ gains the maximum benefits of the Facebook advertising campaign due to lack of proper strategies.

    Even more, many brands are failure to achieve enough Return on Investment. It is true that Facebook ad is quite different from other advertising such as Google Adsense. If you want to make your Facebook ad campaign successful then you must consider fundamental things before starting a campaign. You can see the essential things in the post, which should be, consider before starting a Facebook Ad Campaign.

    Goals Established

    You have a clear vision for marketing campaign and you should establish goals for winning in the Facebook adverting campaign. Facebook offers various metric options for advertising such as Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Mille (CPM), Optimized Cost Per Mille, Cost Per Like and Cost Per Action (CPA).

    You should decide what you want, whether you want more website visits? More Facebook likes? or more user engagement? Each of these metrics has own strength, so carefully select your advertising plan before start ad campaign.

    Thumbnail Images

    Facebook ad is quite different from Google Adsense, in the platform your advertising will be displayed with the image. If you want plentiful click on your advertise then you thumbnails images should be alluring and significant. Many marketers are neglecting the importance of the images and choose whatever they like. But, the survey shows that your meaningful image inspired the audience to click on your ads.

    Attractive Headlines

    Headline is also an important factor for increasing click on your adverts. You should keep in mind that Facebook users come to platform to engage, share and fun with their friends. They are not interested to gain information about products. The advertising headlines such as google Adsense aren’t working well with the Facebook ads because the users come here for fun more than the information.

    Then, what should write in the Facebook ad’s headine? You should create something catchy and interesting contents, which will grab the attention of the audience when they are surfing. The question-answer base headlines are more effective in Facebook ad because these types of contents create the curiosity in the user’s mind.

    Targeted Audience

    You can more precisely target your audience in a Facebook ad campaign, which big advantage of this platform. On this platform you can find the different audience than the Google search engine so your strategies should be effective. Facebook provides more categories to target audience or focus on potential customers.

    Consider your audience, according to their age, geographic region, gender, country, city, interests, etc. Once you have a perfect list of targeted audience than after choose any metric for your Facebook advertising campaign. You will surely get more ROI from this advertising source.

    Appealing Advertisings

    You should use number of advertising to entice the various audiences. Introduce creative advertising, according audience, as you know that different people respond to different things. If you have multiple potential audience and multiple goals, you should split again and have an appealing advertising for each group.

    Eventually, Facebook advertising is an effective and powerful source to brand awareness and business leads. In addition, you should make proper strategies for Facebook marketing otherwise; you may lose your money.

    Over to You…

    These 5 things you should have consider before starting advertising campaign otherwise it will be nothing for you. If anything is remaining then just comment us below; you can ask any questions about the Advertisement campaign, just fill up contact form & we will back to you soon. We Technource will help you to set up facebook advertising for free.


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