Top 7 Social Media Resources that Boost Your Online Store like Rocket

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  • Social media is mandatory for all online business because these platforms can help to engage with millions of internet users. Through the social media, you can drive a huge traffic to your eCommerce website and will be fortunate to convert traffic into business leads.

    Social Media can boost your business, but you should need to follow innovative tricks, which entice to your customers linking to your business. See below; amazing SMM tips to build brand on social media platform.


    Facebook is the most common & popular social media platform and it has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Just imagine, how much powerful it is! You can lead the business through following tricks.

    Promote Exclusive Offers: It is a good idea to obtain traffic on eCommerce website. Post discount offers, exclusive offers, share coupon code to them who liked your page. i.e. ‘Like our page and get a 5 % discount’.

    Like your followers: You should actively involve with your followers, you should do like & reply their comments, photos and posts.

    Make Your Customer the Hero on Facebook: You can share your customer’s photos and their testimonials on your Facebook page to inspire them & other customers to follows your page.

    Use Facebook Advert Create Tool: Advert tool is another best option to promote business, thorough it you can be appeared in millions of Facebook users’ display.


    Twitter is also a popular social platform to engage with the enormous crowd. Your business should be present on Twitter.

    Post at least 5 tweets/day: You must have to active on twitter and post at least 5 tweets/day, hence your followers continuously stay in touch with your brand.

    Tweet an Interesting Content with Product detail: It is most important to catch followers, you should regularly tweet some interesting quotes, product image and funny photos with relevant hashtags (#), thus you tweet will be shown more than your followers.

    Create Contest & encourage people to play: Create a good contest with your business relevant #hashtag, encourage people to play contest, declare winners at the end & give them good gift. Be genuine while playing contest & provide clear terms and condition. It will help you to build a brand and to increase followers.

    Reply to followers: When you are on the twitter, your many followers post comments on your tweets, ask questions about your business services or products. You should reply them with good answers.


    YouTube is an amazing platform, where internet users can view the videos for free. You can easily deliver your message, products and service in video format.

    Share Product Video: Video is better option to deliver the message effectively. You should develop creative and interesting videos of your products and services. Share it on this platform, you can get the thousands of viewers in a short time and it will lead the traffic.

    Publish Your Advertising Video: Obviously, you have used any types of advertising source promoting your website, Create a simple video by combining product photos, customer photos, quotes, with a voice over describing the highlighted benefits and features of your products.


    These amazing platforms are popular for sharing photos and images. Both allow users to share their photos among followers.

    Share Beautiful Pictures: Capture attractive photos of your products, edit it with good tool and share it with your followers. You should share beautiful photos of the nature, model, traveling destinations, whatever relevant to your business, thus your followers are continuously following you and maybe some followers visit your website.

    Post Infographic Images: Infographic is a most effective form of contents through the image, you can present huge information in a very short form. Gather information, represent it in image form and share frequently on social media profiles. It will attract visitors to see your image and get good traffic on your website.


    Google+ is also a well-known social media platform. You can engage with lots of internet users through it. It is almost same as a Facebook. Hence, when you post content on Facebook, you should also share on google+ hence you can join the enormous internet crowd.

    Other Powerful SMM

    Add Social Sharing Options on Your Website: Your website must have social media sharing option; it can allow your customers to share your product photos and contents of their social media accounts.

    Promote your Presents on Social Media through Your website: Publish your social media activities on your website, your customers like to spend time on your site, they also find the reasons why they have come to your site.

    Publish messages ‘like our Facebook page and get a discount code’, ‘See our amazing Videos on YouTube’, ‘give us reviews of product on twitter’ etc. the customers like to Visit On It. Thus, your customers frequently come back to your website and your social media account.

    Blog Promotions: Still, many internet users like to read blogs and article. You should frequently publish blogs about products, its benefits, uses, and all other information about products. Hence, the reader can find the valid reasons why should they buy from your store.

    You can Generate Business Leads, increasing traffic to your website and engage with social media users through above strategies.

    Best of Lucks…!


    Mr. Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit, An early-aged entrepreneur who always leads his team from the front and achieved success. As the founder & CEO of Technource, a top AngularJS development company, he made a global presence in a short time by offering custom software development, premium mobile apps and website development services.

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