What are the top 5 industries that are using chatbot app effectively?

August 8, 2018
By Technource

Growing your business will always require you to focus on the use of new technologies and the reality is that some industries can benefit quite a lot from the use of a chatbot app for example. In fact, even if the AI Chatbot revolution is here, there are some industries that already make the most out of chatbot apps, as you can see below.


Banks and finance companies need to provide a lot of information about their product and services to their customers who in turn always looking for updated information from the companies. Now as these companies deal with a huge amount of information divided into categories and sections, it is difficult for a customer visiting their website to find it out. Most of the times a genuine prospect leave their website just failing to find the right URL to buy the product or service. So finance companies added chatbots that can analyze the requirements of a visitor and guide them through the website to buy a product or service.


Most hospitality companies need a chatbot in order to interact with customers, and it does make a lot of sense to use something like this because most of their customers are on the go. With a Chatbot app, they get to offer answers fast without any hassle or problems, which is always a nice thing to have! The hospitality industry is using chatbot apps in the concierge department with a great result. AI Chatbots are helping clients with finding a restaurant for a particular type of food, reserving tables and for a lot of other jobs in an innovative way.


In this industry chatbot really worked wonder. Here chatbot apps suggest client about a topic or theme or even share a central idea of fiction. This helps the reader to choose a book or content exactly what they want. Publishing companies are reaching to more readers and selling more with chatbots. Further, there are publishing companies that need immediate feedback from readers and customers. Which is why it makes sense for them to integrate an AI Chatbots and use it to gain that feedback quickly as well.

Service companies

Even if this is a broader term, you have to understand that most companies that offer a service need to provide support to customers. So if you have a service company, you do need the Chatbot apps to guide your customers through the process and make it a lot easier and seamless. It helps the user to find the right service, related information and land customer in the service page.


The retail world also needs an AI Chatbot because it offers a simpler way for customers to do a lot of jobs like see if an item is in stock or find the best match on clients’ buying criteria. E-commerce companies help users to find proper products with the right set of features that they want. They are also using it to suggest clients the right product with past buying pattern and search features. Chatbots are minimizing buying steps on e-commerce sites making it faster for clients which in turn results in an increase in revenue. For physical stores and supermarkets, chatbots help the buyer to locate a product from description or features.

In conclusion, using a chatbot app is becoming important every day and it can indeed provide you with some rewarding results if used properly. The idea is to learn from these industries and harness the power of an AI Chatbot as fast as you can. The return on investment can be something, which you hardly can achieve otherwise.