Get high quality and robust web applications created by our developers with commanding knowledge on Codeigniter PHP framework.

Codeigniter or CI implies to the open source PHP framework, used to build dynamic web applications. CI offers straightforward and effortless programming to create perfect application structure. Codeigniter is a lightweight & fast framework which allows you to focus on programming by reducing the amount of code needed for a given task. With the years of experience, Technource, a full service Codeigniter development company offers dynamic, advanced featured and well-organized web solutions.


Codeigniter Web Application Advantages

Technource Service Reliability
Exceptional performance & small footprint

CodeIgniter offers the user guide which is only 2 MB download. CodeIgniter systematically outperforms almost all competitors. Great applications can be created by minimum code.

Technource Service Security
Simple & strong

CodeIgniter encourages MVC and offers simple solutions over hurdles. We can establish security with inherent protection against CSRF and XSS attacks.

Technource Service Technology
Nearly zero configuration

CodeIgniter inbuilt loads the prime config file, so you will need to load a config file only while you supposed to develop it by yourself.

Technource Service Flexibility

Codeigniter is great for creating custom applications. It allows new functionalities to be added without affecting customization at all.

Codeigniter Web application Development Services by Technource

  • Custom Codeigniter Application Development
  • Payment Setup
  • Portal Design and Development
  • Custom Dashboard Development
  • Codeigniter Web Development
  • Codeigniter CMS Development
  • Advanced Plug-Ins
  • eCommerce Development using Codeigniter
  • Customizing PHP Web Applications

With the brilliant track records, Technource Codeigniter Web App Developers serves clients an avant-garde website or web applications.Technource team made dynamic, faster and lightweight applications possible with the help of CodeIgniter development tools. Hire our Codeigniter web programmers to get efficient, high performing & smart web application for various industries.

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