11 Best Cash Advance Apps That Cover You Till Payday

Around 33% of Americans use cash advance apps in 2023. You can borrow money instantly from your next paycheck before you receive it. The convenience and speed of the best cash advance apps make them incredibly popular. However, cash advance apps are mostly used for a one-time emergency.

A custom mobile app development company, can integrate many advance features into your cash advance app. The advance apps have a high chance of getting popular faster than other loan apps. There are many cash advance apps to get instant cash and pay your bills on time and pay these apps later.

You can learn about the best cash advance apps in this blog, their features, the cost to build a cash advance app, and more. So, without further ado, scroll down.

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What Is a Cash Advance App?

As the name suggests, you can get cash advances from an app before your paycheck arrives and pay back the app later. People use the cash advance to pay their bills, shop, and emergency need of money. It eliminates the need for the bank to open so that you can pay your bills and shop. The app collects money from your bank account automatically as it arrives.

Cash advance apps are different from loan apps. They may or may don’t charge payday loan interest. You can avoid overdraft fees and interest rates using cash advance apps. Cash apps offer the easiest and most effective way to borrow money instantly. And borrowing money is becoming simple with the help of paycheck advance apps.

So, many apps not only offer cash advances but also provide an online banking service. Getting money from the paycheck advance app is so easy and fast, it doesn’t even ask you many questions. Watch the below video to know

Top 11 Cash Advance Apps that Cover You Till PayDay

A money lending app is an effective new app idea to make money, for the app owners. The apps need your linked bank account and some personal information to transfer money.

Payday advance apps check your credit score to transfer money. Some cash apps ask for monthly fees while some don’t. So based on different features and services, here is the list of top cash advance apps to use in 2023.

  1. Earnin’
  2. Brigit
  3. Chime
  4. MoneyLion
  5. Dave
  6. Albert
  7. Klover
  8. FloatMe
  9. Current
  10. Empower
  11. Vola

1. Earnin: Pay as little as possible


Earning is a financial technology company and it launched its apps in 2014. Users can borrow money as soon as they finish connecting their bank accounts. You can request a cash advance of $100 to $500 per pay period. It is the best app for small personal loans. The app asks for no fees if you get later to pay back.

There is a tip system. It ranges from $1 to $14 for most services. However, this payday lender app is available in US and US territories only.

2. Brigit: Use it for same-day loans


The Brigit cash app has been around for quite some time. It is a financial wellness company, founded in 2017. Brigit is popular to provide cash advances on the same day. If we talk about the cash advance limits, they are up to $250. Brigit provides free access to financial experts which is not provided by most cash advance apps.

You can create a budget and track spending with the help of financial experts. But you have to pay $9.99 per month. This monthly fee adds up to around $120 per year. You can request payday loans only between $50 to $250. There are many best budgeting tools in the market.

3. Chime: Offers overdraft fees protection



Chime is a financial technology company. It is not a bank but provides a full-service bank account. Open a Chime savings account with a checking account. A user can overdraw up to $200 on his debit card, in case he can’t pay on time. This feature is only for eligible members of Chime. It also offers a secured credit card.

Only qualifying members are allowed initially to withdraw their account up to $20 debit card purchases and $200 for later. Users can see their limits on Chime mobile app. The app provides notice for any changes to your limit. Well, there are no overdraft fees, but third-party fees are associated with ATM transactions.

4. MoneyLion: Provides multiple options


The MoneyLion app offers many ways to use it. You can borrow money, invest, save money, and earn. The banking services provided by MoneyLion are fast and effective. That’s why it is an all-in-one app. You can borrow money on the same day or in 5 days. You can request $250 and qualified users can request $300.

It offers credit builder loans, investment accounts, and mobile banking accounts. A qualified member can see his credit score and get tips as well to improve it. If you want to know more about cash apps like MoneyLion, read this write-up.

5. Dave: Get the highest cash advance


Dave is a popular personal finance app to borrow money. You can get the highest cash advance using this app. The turnaround time for getting a personal loan from Dave is around 8 hours and 3 days. However, the app reviews available funds before debiting the repayment amount.

You can also use Dave spending account. It is a beneficial feature as there are no overdrafts and low-balance fees. However, you will have to pay a $1 monthly fee. Tips on the Dave app are optional. Users can pay $1.99 to $5.99 on each transaction to receive funds within 8 hours.

You can also have an app like Dave by hiring the best app developers. Know how to create a cash advance app like Dave, So that, you can understand what are the app requirements, features, and technologies needed for building an app like Dave.

6. Albert: No late fees for users


Albert offers instant cash advances and auto repayment to its users. You will not have to worry about late fees while using this app. However, instant advances to an external account have some charges. You can process repayment on your next payday. You can get up to $250 cash advances from the Albert app.

The most beneficial thing to use Albert is that it charges no late fees. You can pay cashback after the scheduled date as well. If you want to access features of Albert Instant, 30 days trial is required. Many times users cancel this trial in the middle.

7. Klover: Withdraw money effectively


“$100 in between paychecks” is the tagline of Klover. You can borrow more from this payday advance app. You can access up to $200 even if your payday is two weeks away and there are no interest and late fees. It offers you a cash advance with no credit check. Moreover, you can earn points.

You can change the points to cash and get a bigger advance. Moreover, you can level up your money game with Klover+ personalized financial tools. You can create spend and save goals. You get a chance to win $100 every day.

8. FloatMe: Best for quick money transfer


FloatMe offers cash advances before your next paycheck. Most people use it for easy cash advances directly to their bank accounts. You have to pay only $1.99/month to be a member. The most important benefit of using the app is no credit check and no interest.

The provides you access to the spend analysis tool that gives an easy-to-understand snapshot to know where you spend. These types of cash advance apps work effectively to transfer fast funds at no cost in 3 days.

9. Current: Good for checking and spending


Current is a financial technology company, not a bank. The banking services are provided by Choice Financial Group, a member of FDIC. Well, cryptocurrency services are not provided by this group. You don’t have to pay an overdraft fee or minimum free if you use this one of the alternatives to cash advance.

Moreover, you can do savings with real returns. It offers you smarter tools so that you can do even more with money. You can control your cash flow by analyzing the insights shown by the app. Notifications keep you updated with all the pieces of important information.

10. Empower: Popular for quick cash advances


You can get a cash advance of up to $250 before your next paycheck. Empower provides the fastest cash advances to the users and that is without any interest, late fees, or credit checks. Many users find this app fast and easy with no fuss. The app doesn’t ask for your credit score to lend you money. You can get a cash advance within 5 minutes of installing the app.

It allows you to select from $250, $200, and $150 to get cash advances. Users can customize their payment plans and build a positive payment history. Most importantly, you do not need to show your credit score to borrow money from Empower app. Apart from it, there is a feature called auto-save and others.

11. Vola: Offers same-day cash advances up to $300


Vola not only provides you with up to $300 cash advance but also manages your money with spending analytics and smart graphs for free. You have to connect your bank account, select the cash advance you want, and get money. There are no overdraft fees, no interest, and credit checks.

You can send and spend money using a Vola card without worrying about additional fees. The insights provided by the app are intuitive so you can manage your money. Insights about the money help you make smart decisions. It alerts you about the balance so that you don’t have to pay overdraft and NSF fees.

However, Vola is not responsible for insufficient balance fees, overdraft fees, and over-the-limit fees charged by your bank because of insufficient balance in your account.

What Are the Key Features of Cash Advance Apps?

How will you find the best cash advance app for you? There are a lot of payday apps, NFC payment apps, and loan apps in the market. Going through the key features of cash advance apps help you choose the right app to borrow money.

Besides it, if you want to develop an app for the business then also read about the essential features of the cash advance app and make a list of the best features for your app. Moreover, check the app development trends in 2023 to create an innovative and cutting-edge app.

Have a look at the key features of cash advance apps in 2023.

  1. Provides instant cash into your savings account
  2. The application process is simple and hassle-free
  3. Allows to upload all the documents on the app
  4. Skip visiting a bank branch to get a loan
  5. Check and track the balance on the account
  6. No credit check is required by many apps to disburse money
  7. Check loan amount eligibility on the app itself
  8. Repay the loan amount via bank transfer
  9. Sends you alerts to avoid any charges
  10. Interest rates are either low or not at all

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Business Model of Cash Advance App in 2023?

You have read about the best cash advance apps and their features. But do you know how these apps that give us money make money for their business? There are many loan apps and cash advance apps because this is a successful model. And many businesses want to create an app from scratch with this business model for growth.

But what makes the money lending concept a successful business idea?

  • Charges monthly subscription
  • Transaction fees
  • Membership fees
  • Donations from users
  • Interchange fees
  • Interest on cash
  • Referral fees

Not all cash advance apps use all the above-mentioned ways to make money. Some charge fees some do not.

What Is the Cost to Build a Cash Advance App in 2023?

The cost of developing a cash advance app in 2023 is approximately $20,000. However, this is not a fixed price for all types of cash advance apps. Some apps have basic features while some have advanced ones. So, the time and resources to build different types of apps also vary. It impacts the final cost of the app.

Developers have to use different tools and frameworks for building loan apps. Frameworks for a robust mobile app make the work of developers easy so that they can create an app on time. Frameworks have built-in features and plugins that reduce the time to development and save money. So, the technology stack affects the cost of cash advance apps.

  1. Cost of simple cash advance app: $20,000
  2. Cost of medium cash advance app: $50,000
  3. Cost of complex cash advance app: $120,000

The cost of app development is also based on the type of developers you hire. There are freelancers, in-house teams, and offshore development companies to choose from for your project. Hiring freelancers is cost-effective but you have to find professional designers, developers, and testers on your own and manage the team as well.

Whereas, hiring an in-house team can be costly. But you will not have to find professionals individually. A development team has all the professionals required for your project and you will not have to manage the team, a project manager does it.

Besides it, you will not have to worry about stealing the app idea. Some companies sign NDA to protect your idea. Moreover, you can patent your mobile application idea to protect it.

Wrapping Up

Cash advance apps solve your financial emergencies in 2023. When you run out of cash and don’t want to borrow money from friends and family members, these apps come as a savior. The cash advance app is a successful business model in 2023. So, I hope you liked the blog, and if you also want to build an app like Dave, MoneyLion, Klover, Albert, or Chime, Technource can help you.

Technource is the most reliable software development company in the USA. It has experience in handling simple to complex projects using various technologies. The team of professional developers offers you innovative and custom apps with useful features within your budget.

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