How to Create an App from Scratch in 10 Steps?

Apps have become a crucial part of our daily life. Today people look at apps for every solution. Google play store has more than 3.48 million apps of different types. If you are also thinking to create an app from scratch for your business idea, this blog will be helpful for you.

Our top Mobile app development company receives many projects for app building processes and creating an app that can generate good revenue. It is because apps have become the best and easy way to do business. Moreover, they generate huge profits for their owners. Facebook alone generated 117 billion in revenue in 2021.
Many businesses want to have such a successful app for their industries. So, they look for the steps to make an app. Before you know the Android app development steps, get a dive into the reasons why having your own app is important. It will help you create apps effectively.

Why Most Businesses Want Mobile Apps in 2023?

You must have noticed that most businesses run online and they have mobile apps for Android devices and iOS devices. Mobile apps are available on most people’s phones so they can easily buy and sell stuff.

At present 6. 3 billion smartphone users are present across the world and most of them download apps from the Google play store. It’s a huge number and can convert into your customers. Moreover, revenue generated by Android and iOS apps has reached $133 billion in 2021.

So, if you are planning to create an app from scratch in 2022, you must be aware of how it can help your business. Look at the reasons why most businesses want to have their own app in 2022.

  1. Convenient Online Shopping
  2. Easy Awareness of Marketing Programs
  3. Brand Building
  4. Customer Monitoring
  5. Quick Contact and Engagement
  6. Improvement in Sales
  7. Simplify the Buyer’s Journey

1. Convenient Online Shopping

Most people want to know how to create an app for their eCommerce business and other sectors. It is because mobile apps make shopping convenient for people. An app owner can know user feedback in iOS app store and Google app store.
User feedback helps to make the app more simple and user-friendly. That is why eCommerce businesses focus on making an interactive app design for convenient shopping. Apps have changed the way people used to shop. So, small to big businesses want to create an app for the growth of their businesses.

2. Easy Awareness of Marketing Programs

An Android app makes promotions of marketing campaigns easy. You can create apps, release offers, sales, deals, and others on them. This way, you can make people aware of your products and offers. App design matters a lot to connect with people. So, whenever you hire app developers, discuss the UI/UX designs also. It helps to attract people and spread awareness about your application.

3.Brand Building

Your own mobile app helps in brand building and it is an effective marketing solution in the present time. Targeting each individual was not easy a few years back. But now, mobile app development has made it easy.

Most people who have smartphones are most likely to buy online with the help of mobile apps. Whenever people come to know about a new business or company, they search online for its website.

4.Customer Monitoring

Customer monitoring brings you closer to the customers. With the help of mobile apps, you can know what is their purchasing behavior. You can know, what can be the next demand of the customers? Mobile apps make interaction with customers easy and quick.

You can find many eCommerce apps on the Google play store. It indicates that businesses understand the importance of online presence. So, build your own app to know what customers want.

5. Quick Contact and Engagement

Your own app in the apple app store can make connections with the customers easily. It is because, with a few clicks on the android devices, they can contact you. iOS and Android platforms for a business drive to quick contact.

Today, professionals develop mobile apps with AI chatbots and AR technologies. So, when you create an app, it helps to contact customers quickly. Customers can use the chatbox, email, and voice call using a mobile app.

6. Improvement in Sales

You must have seen many apps in the app stores of Google and Android. Today, most businesses want their app users to enjoy using apps. Because it leads to improvement in engagement and eventually increases sales.

App users can easily connect with attractive and innovative designs. They find it easy to order using apps due to the impressive app design. Moreover, they don’t have to go out, instead, they can shop online from the comfort of their homes.

7. Simplify the Buyer’s Journey

Mobile devices have become an integral part of people’s life. They can find any solution on these devices. Today, 80% of the population in the USA shop online. It is because applications simplify the buyer’s journey. He doesn’t have to go out and struggle with traffic, negotiate in the shop, and end up wasting time.

An app user can easily interact with the app design because of the intuitive user interface and buy things in a short time. You can hire an app development agency after making app marketing strategies. Likewise, focus on the target audience for building designs accordingly.

If you don’t have an app idea, read 21 industry-based app ideas. If you have a business idea, move ahead and read the steps to make an app. Also, get to know the cost of app development in the blog.

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10 Simple Steps of Mobile App Development


According to a report by Gartner, less than 0.01% of apps become financially successful. Shocking! But true. What mistakes do people make so they end up with an unsuccessful app?

Well, the mistakes also depend on the situation, app development platform, and various other factors. But today, you will get to know the important steps of creating and publishing an app. Because not knowing the app development process can lead to mistakes.

If you have an app idea and don’t know where to start, this write-up will be a great help. ant to save it from failure, make sure you must focus on the below steps. Read the mobile app development process.


How to create an app for beginners in 10 steps

  1. Study the Market
  2. Collect the Best Ideas
  3. Make a List of Features
  4. Create & Test Wireframes
  5. Define USP
  6. Work on UI & UX
  7. Test the Prototype
  8. Select the Development Tools
  9. Create a Landing Page
  10. Launch the App

Read about each step in the detail below.

1. Study the Market

When you think of an app, the first question that comes to your mind is where to start the app development process. You should first find the need or demands of the people. For this, study the market. You can know some facts about mobile app downloads from the below image.



Consumers are expected to download around 133 million apps from the Google app and 38 million from the Apple app store in 2022. Likewise, you can check the downloads in other years also.

When you begin market research for building apps, focus on the below questions as well. They will help you in the app-building process.

  1. Is there a need for your idea in the market?
  2. Who will be the target customers?
  3. How can your app help people?
  4. Who are competitors?
  5. How you can beat the competitors

2. Collect the Best Ideas

The second step you should follow is, to collect the best ideas through market research. Check the popular app features to find the right app developers and discuss the features with them. For this, you check the app stores because there are many different apps. After checking app stores, you will have many ideas. Make a list of all of them, compare, analyze, and find the best one for your business.

Only the best idea can survive because app users can reject which is vague. You must know the important questions for startups before you decide to have an app. Thereby, you can have a clear view of app development for your app users.

3. Make a List of Features

Once you have decided on the app idea, the next step comes is what you want in the app creation. It means the features, functions, and user interface. App stores have many apps, so you can find applications similar to your idea and know the features they have. It will help you tell the app builder what types of features you want in the app.

Likewise, in what ways your app will help the app users or the services you want to give people through your app? Moreover, decide on the app development platform, whether you want to go with iOS or Android. It is because the app development frameworks also depend on the platform.

4. Create & Test Wireframes

It is one of the crucial steps to create an app. It’s a skeleton of an app, or you can say a framework on which an app is developed. You can design wireframes on white paper or a screen for ios and android platforms.

Moreover, it validates app functionality, helps you visualize how every function will work, and eases the project transaction, and communication. Likewise, wireframes save your app from surprises.

5. Define USP

There are many types of apps in the market, why would people download your app? So, you have to find a Unique Selling Point (USP). It will make your service and product better than competitors. You can conduct a survey and know what people like to buy and watch. Ask a few questions yourself.

  • What are your competitors selling?
  • What is the user interface of their apps?
  • How can you beat them?
  • How do they test app?
  • What is the app-building software they use?
  • Why will people use your app to buy?
  • What is attractive in your app?

6. Work on UI & UX

90% of users leave using an app due to bad performance, which is directly related to the bad UI. If the UI and UX designs of a mobile application are not impressive, the users can leave the app immediately. So, focus on what type of app design you want on the app. Experienced front-end developers can offer responsive applications. Likewise, your app must have the below qualities.

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Responsive designs
  • Simple yet innovative designs

7. Test the Prototype

Put your mobile application prototype through many quality analysis steps. Test app properly to find the mistakes at the initial level, so you will not have to make any changes at the final stage. Consequently, it will ensure the robustness and effectiveness of the app. Test for screen resolution and type of mobile application. Moreover, you can follow the below steps for testing.

  • Create test cases for app prototype
  • Create a path of cases for the app testing
  • Select the test devices for the target market
  • keep track of the process for improvement

8. Select the Development Tools

Development tools make the app creation process easy and fast. If you are on the journey of how to create android apps, tools can make every stage a calk walk for you. Otherwise, the developers have to spend a lot of time and give extra effort to write code for each feature.

Tools also ensure security and make an app robust. You can check some iOS development tools if you are making an app for the iPhone community. Also, you can look for the best mobile app development services online because an app builder always checks on the right tools.

9. Create a Landing Page

There are many benefits of creating a landing page. So, when you hire a custom iOS app development company for an app builder, ask for creating a landing page for your app. It will help you know the reaction of the people on your app. Have a look at the benefits of creating a landing page below.

  1. Know the app’s look feel, look, and functionality
  2. Helps in better brand conversion
  3. Eases the product promotion
  4. Improves the brand credibility
  5. Enhance the users’ interaction

10. Launch the App

This is one of the important steps in developing applications and the last one. There are two platforms on which you can launch your app. Well, this decision should be made before you start to create an app from scratch.

If you hire an on-demand app development agency, you will not have to worry about app publishing because the firm will do it for you. Have a look at the image below to know the apps available in leading app stores.



If you are thinking, after publishing an app your work is completed, you are wrong. Read the below write-up and know what is important after an app launch. This is also a part of how to create an app from scratch.Things to Do After App Development Is Completed

If you have completed the app, and now think there is no work left but to wait for the people to use the app, you are maybe wrong. There are still some works you have to focus on. When you hire iOS developers or Android professionals from a company, they focus on the below points.

  1. Get Feedback
  2. Maintenance of App
  3. Improvements

Know about these three things to create an app and what to do after the successful app launch.

1. Get Feedback


After the launch of the app, find honest user feedback. The more wisely you will analyze the feedback, the more users you can make. In addition, increases the conversion rate and eventually revenue. Ignoring the feedback can make your app idea unsuccessful soon.

2. Maintenance of App

Often, some issues like errors, bugs, and flaws in the features appear after the launch of the app. In this case, you need to spend on the maintenance of the app. It’s crucial to keep the app functioning smoothly and error-free. When you hire android developers from an agency, ask for app maintenance also.

3. Improvements

Many times, you realize the need for improvements in the app after its launch. And another case is, some apps need regular improvements to meet the demand of the users. For example, a real estate app development company has to update the app with new homes and properties.What Are the Popular Mobile Apps in 2022?

There are some apps that most users have on their smartphones. These apps are crucial and entertaining for them, thus they became the most popular apps in 2022. These days augmented reality development is at its peak because this technology makes an app more user-friendly and popular.

We are presenting some of the popular apps as per their downloads below.


Applications Downloads
tiktok-app 656 Million
Instagram_icon 545 Million
facebook 416 Million
Telegram_logo 329 Million
snapchat-logo 327 Million
zoom-icon 300 Million
Facebook_Messenger_logo 268 Million
CapCut-app-Logo 255 Million
Spotify_icon 203 Million

There are many reasons behind the success of these apps. And the use of correct technology is one of them. We are the top react-native app development company in the USA and receive many projects on a react-native framework for impressive UI.

Steps in creating a mobile application and the cost both are important. You read about the steps to make an app, now move ahead to know the app development cost.

How to Find the Correct App Development Cost?

The estimated app development cost is $10,000-$70,000 if you hire a mobile app development company. Moreover, $30-$70 are the per hour prices of an app developer. Well, many factors influence the cost of app development like features, functions, technology, platform, tools, and software. Check out the price of an app according to its complexity level.

  1. Simple App- $10,000-$15,000
  2. Average App- $15,000-$30,000
  3. Complex App- $40,000-$70,000

After the outburst of Covid-19, health has become a center point of concern which is why many lifestyles and health-related apps are gaining popularity. Technource has an experienced team of developers who can build this type of app for you. You can know the simple fasting app cost requesting us a quote.

Apps-are-used-more-than-websites-CTA-2 (1)

How to Hire the Best Developers for Your Project?

You must have understood how to create a mobile app. But what if you don’t have enough knowledge like an app maker? Or you have no relation with the techniques to create a mobile app like professionals. In this situation, a skilled app developer can help you create a mobile app.
There are many apps in the apple app store and google play store. But not all are successful. Well, many factors play a crucial role to make a mobile app successful. But finding the right iOS apps and Android developer is difficult. I am presenting you with steps to hire the right talent, an app maker.

  1. Research for Agencies
  2. Check Feedback and Reviews
  3. Read Portfolio of Mobile App Developers
  4. Discuss Your Idea

1. Research for Agencies

Researching some well-known agencies for an app development project is a crucial step. Since there are a lot of mobile app development firms, you have to be careful about choosing an iOS app developer and an Android app developer. Also, search for an app builder for Native apps.

2. Check Feedback and Reviews

To hire the right talent for your native apps and iOS app, you have to check the user feedback and reviews. It will help you know what are the problems in the app maker. By doing so you can make a better decision.

3. Read Portfolio of Mobile App Developers

When you read the portfolio of the mobile app developer, you get to know about the expertise, experience, and qualification of that developer. All three things are crucial for developing an impeccable mobile app.

4. Discuss Your Idea

The Mobile app idea discussion clears all your doubts about native apps and cross-platform apps. You can ask questions to the app builder about the development process, price, deployment, and many other things.

Final Words 

The blog is going to end here. Now you know the steps for creating an app, important questions, what is crucial for app development, and the cost of an app building. If you also have an idea, discuss it with us and get a robust, data-intensive, scalable, and beautiful application within your budget.

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