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Thomas Fuller said- “Health is not valued till sickness comes.” It means we take our fitness and health issues seriously when we get ill. And most people focus on cure, not on prevention. However, post-pandemic many things changed. Resultant, many people started to use the best health and fitness apps for losing weight and staying healthy. They now give more value to their daily workouts.

Mental health is equally important as physical health. Even mobile apps played a major role in increasing the interest in mental health. Thereby, finding the best fitness tracker app has now become common among fitness freaks. And several businesses now want to hire an efficient healthcare application development company that can build the best fitness app.

According to the survey by Statista, in 2019, Around 68.7 million smartphone users in the USA had at least one fitness app on their phones. And this number is going to increase to 86.3 million in 2022.

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We all know there are many benefits of staying fit. But this is not possible for everyone to go Gym and do exercise there. Likewise, hectic life doesn’t allow one to follow the meal plans of the Gym trainer. Moreover, adverse situations over a couple of years taught a lesson to people that how crucial to stay healthy and fit.

Consequently, some best health management apps have come out as a savior. Because the apps are convenient to use. You can start exercising and follow the mental health process at any time. For this, you will not have to go to the Gym and Yoga classes.

How to develop a health and fitness app in 2023_

10 Best Health and Fitness Apps

The best fitness app can replace your Gym membership. There are many best health and weight training apps on the market. You get to know about them in this blog. If you are planning to develop the best app for fitness freaks, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of the top fitness apps in the market. It will help you pick the best app ideas to make money.

Most of the apps in the below list are from the top fitness apps suggested by

  1. Fitbit
  2. Headspace
  3. MyFitnessPal
  4. JEFIT
  5. Strava
  6. Foodility
  7. Nourishly
  8. Openfit
  9. Seven
  10. Alo Moves

Let’s know about these apps in the detail below.

  • Fitbit

    An app like Fitbit offers you a personalized experience to achieve good health faster. You can get insight into your health using this app and move forward to be fit and healthy. It offers you a dashboard to keep the track of your activity, record workouts, and log food. Moreover, you can connect with friends and family. It allows viewing progress towards your daily goals for distance, calories burned, and steps, and notice your trends over time. It is available for the apple watch.

    Platform: iOS and Android


    • Easy workout tracking increases your awareness.
    • Know the fitness levels effectively.
    • The app allows you to compare your fitness level with friends.


    • Drives to the obsession for tracking.
    • Sometimes provide inaccurate tracking information.
    • You have to connect the device with a smartphone.
  • Headspace

    As the name implies, this is a mindfulness app that focuses on your mental health and helps you manage stress. When you first time use this one of the best meditation apps, it offers you a free trial, a 10-day beginners course. Likewise, you can read many good articles related to mental health, and mindfulness sessions on this app. It offers you 100 exercises for the health of the mind. You get guided meditation, and instructions from the experts. That is why meditation app like Headspace is popular among numerous people.

    Platform: iOS and Android


    • Helps to reduce daily stress
    • Provides beginners guidance
    • Evidence-based mindfulness practice


    • Only stretching workout is available
    • No specific nutritional guidance
    • Provides no tracking features
  • MyFitnessPal

    Around 140 million people use the MyFitnessPal app to track their water, steps, weight, food, and activity level. It is a free app and provides you bar code scanner, a progress chart, and custom reminders. MyFitnessPal uses the biggest database in the world. You can track what you want from the 18 million food types. Moreover, it offers a personal guide to make your journey easy to better health. So, you can also make a calorie counter app like MyFitnessPal.

    Platform: iOS and Android


    • Makes you more conscious about the nutrition
    • People can share tips and personal experiences
    • You can know the eating patterns


    • Not ideal for strength training exercises like lifting and intense custom workouts.

    JEFIT is the best fitness app for strength training. Many people use it to gain muscle. This workout app has a database of more than 1300 exercises which makes it the most comprehensive platform for intense exercise. You can plan your weightlifting sessions, and track total reps and weights during the training. Moreover, you can connect with your fellow lifters as well. The set training programs eliminate the need for a personal trainer because you can be the one.

    Platform: iOS and Android


    • Strength training & workout training
    • Experts provide the exercise demonstrations
    • The workout app offers customized options


    • Doesn’t provide nutrition guidance and food tracking
    • No free access to all features
    • Focus on primary strength training workouts
  • Strava

    If you like to connect with people while targeting your fitness goals, the free version of Strava is for you. It is the best health-related app and is great for people who want a friendly running app. People can enjoy friendly competition while running, biking, and swimming. Moreover, they can join the other app users for workout challenges. Likewise, can share photos from their sweaty workout sessions.

    Platform: iOS and Android


    • Easy to map and track the exercise
    • Free monthly fitness challenges
    • Provides the race tracking assistance


    • No music integration
    • Have to join paid subscription for more access
  • Foodility

    If you are worried that how to keep the track of what you eat, the Foodility app can be the right option. You can keep the track of your diet and exercise using its free version. Likewise, record the water intake, meals, physical activities, and weight. For this, you can schedule your fitness goal process and easily try to achieve it. You can enable the push notifications to keep your determination on and consistent.

    Platform: iOS


    • Super easy to use
    • Clean design and user-friendly interface
    • Get access to health statistics


    • You can’t see all your content on one screen
  • Nourishly

    Healthcare app developers build this type of app. It offers specialized nutrition management. This app helps you deal with food-related health concerns like cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, GI issues, and others. However, you will not find any calorie count here because the app specifically focuses on nutrition management. The best part is that you can get support from the doctor, dietitian, personal trainer, and whoever you need.

    Platform: iOS and Android


    • Directly connects to the healthcare team
    • Offers you daily activity and meal planning


    • Some people believe the design and interface of the app are obsolete
  • Openfit

    Openfit is the best health and fitness app for beginners. It offers 200+ live fitness classes a week. The certified personal trainer gives clear and concise instructions that you can follow easily. Many on-demand classes also keep you motivated. Although Openfit is a newcomer, it’s getting popular rapidly which is why I put this on the list. Moreover, it provides personalized nutrition programs, meal plans, and monthly exercise challenges.

    Platform: iOS and Android


    • On-camera option to get personalized feedback from the trainer
    • Money-back guarantee within the first 14 days


    • Live classes require you to take out a particular time
    • On-demand classes are not as effective as live classes.
  • Seven

    Seven is one of the best health-related apps through which you can achieve your fitness goals fast. Seven’s training programs are based on research published by the American College of Sports Medicine and health. Its fitness journal suggested that you can get an effective aerobic workout in just 7 minutes per day. You only have to follow the instructions during the live classes to activate larger muscle groups. Moreover, its comprehensive workout videos add to the benefits.

    Platform: iOS and Android


    • All workouts are for body-weights
    • Easy to achieve workouts for a short time


    • Can’t pause in the mid-workout
    • Many good features require a paid subscription
  • Alo Moves

    Alo Moves is one of the best health app solutions. You get around 1500 Yoga videos from world-class instructors on this app. You can use the free version to achieve health objectives using this Yoga app. You have to provide the details about what type of health goals you have, and the app lets you in personalized Yoga practice classes. In addition, you can filter the classes as per your need on the yoga apps.

    Platform: iOS and Android


    • Different variety of Yoga styles
    • Works on smartphones, computers, tablets, and Apple TV
    • Offers skill-specific classes


    • Not much effective for the beginners
    • Search functionality is not user-friendly

There are many other health and fitness apps, but I have narrowed down the list for you. The above best health apps will make it easy to work up a sweat, build strength, and stay motivated.

How to Choose the Best Fitness Apps?

As you read above, there are many best fitness apps, so how will you pick the one because every app has some pros and cons? If you know what people think when they select the best health tracker app, you can discuss the requirements with your developers. And seek the best healthcare app development services. People focus on the below points while selecting a fitness app.

  • Instructors should be credible for the best and fast results
  • Proper guidance to achieve different fitness goals
  • Personalized training and guidance
  • Affordable subscription prices
  • Equipment required to do exercise
  • Clear and genuine feedback from the app
  • User reviews and feedback about the app
  • Do the app offers live classes?

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Top 10 Features of the Best Health and Fitness Apps

For comprehensive app development, you have to focus on various things. Understanding the features of the fitness app will help you include the best features in your app. Have a look at the top 10 features in the space below.

  1. User Personalization
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Wearable and Non-wearable mobile Integration
  4. Activity Summaries
  5. Tracking Metrics
  6. Push Notifications
  7. Social Sharing
  8. Gamification
  9. Video Tutorials
  10. Community
  • User Personalization

    The user needs personalized fitness instructions, and custom weight training sessions so that he can achieve his target effectively. For this, the users have to provide personal information like weight, age, gender, and height. Personalization is an integral part of any Fitness app. Therefore, when you hire mobile app developers in 2022, make sure they integrate this feature.

  • Goal Setting

    This is the most important feature of the best Health and fitness apps. It helps the users to know how long it will take to achieve fitness and good health. You can provide flexible goal setting so that the users can make changes in the schedule. Moreover, they can customize the targets according to their comfort and download classes as well.

  • Wearable and Non-wearable mobile Integration

    Today people use wearable devices to lose weight and want the fitness apps to work on their devices. It is because they can track their health while running, or out of the house. Integration of the best health management apps into wearable and non-wearable devices makes it convenient for the user to track his health at any time from anywhere. Most running apps have such integration.

  • Activity Summaries

    You don’t have time to go Gym and take regular sweat sessions that is why you use the fitness app. If you have to keep track and read it regularly it can eat up your major time. So an activity summary is crucial so that you can quickly know about your progress. You can customize it daily/weekly/monthly.

  • Tracking Metrics

    The users of the fitness app can track their progress in measurable units. They can know about the sets, calories, hours, and kilometers. There are many metrics, but the app will show you what is vital for you. The users can get their fitness routine summary at their fingertips. Moreover, you can enable the color codes in the metric for a better user experience.

  • Push Notifications

    Push notifications have become a crucial part of the apps and users also want push notifications for reminding them about their exercise time, calorie level, break time, live classes, and more. So, the push notifications notify the customers of the fitness app about the different events related to physical fitness.

  • Social Sharing

    When you achieve your fitness goals, you like to share your pictures in the proper form and many people like to upload pictures of doing exercise. It infuses the wave of motivation when people comment and like your efforts. You can talk about your accomplishment through social networks. People are addicted to using social media and you can turn it to their advantage.

  • Gamification

    Many best health-related apps use the principles of gamification to make fitness fun. The levels, quests, badges, and points in the game apps motivate people to move forward. In the same way, if they are integrated with the healthcare apps, they can motivate fitness freaks.

  • Video Tutorials

    Video tutorials show the techniques for strength training and basic exercise. The app users can know the postures, and movement of the hands and legs by watching the video properly and implementing them while exercising. You can find videos ranging from 20 to 40 minutes on the best health tracker apps.

  • Community

    You can attract more users to your app by making a fitness support community around your app. You can show how friends and fitness influencers achieve good health. For example, the Fitbit app allows you to meet like-minded people by joining interest groups. And find your friends already using the app.

You must find the Mobile app development trends along with checking the features of the competitors’ apps. Incorporation of the trends makes your app innovative and attractive. Moreover, you can include advanced features like on-demand workouts.

How Does the Best Fitness App Make Money?

If you are wondering what is the monetization strategy of the best fitness app, your wait ends here. Before you know about the business model of the fitness apps, have a look at the image below. It shows the revenue in millions of health and fitness apps in the USA from the first quarter of 2017 to the 4rth quarter of 2020.

source image 2


You can notice the revenue generated after the 4rth quarter of 2019 is increasing more than the previous years. The highest revenue was generated in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Now move ahead and know the different ways of revenue generation adopted by the fitness applications.

  • Ads

    Advertisements are the most popular way of making money. You can enable relevant ads in your apps. Moreover, allow users to stop seeing ads and get money for the same also.

  • Freemium

    Almost all the apps provide this feature for new customers. The users can use some functionalities of the apps for free. If you want, you can specify the freemium for some users only. Moreover, provide a free seven-day trial.

  • Subscription

    Paid subscription enables the users to have access to more features of the app and information about fitness level. For beginners, basic features would be enough, and the regular customers will need to access more features.

  • In-app purchases

    This is an additional feature but can help you generate good revenue. You can sell Gym equipment, simple exercise tools, supplements, and diet food on your app. However, it will be effective when you have a large audience base.

  • Sponsored Content

    Many health app solutions use sponsored content to make money. You can find partners in different sports companies and collaborate with Gym owners to sell their products. These partners can show their ads in your apps and sell their expertise.

Technology Stack of the Best Workout Apps

Technologies play a crucial role to make a complete, robust, and effective app. From the first stage of development to the last, the developers use tools, frameworks, and different technologies. It makes the life of developers easy, and they can come up with better health app solutions.

Moreover, to make the apps competitive, technologies play an important role because the developers can integrate trending features into the app.

So, have a look at the tech stack of the best health and fitness apps below.

HTML5 -icon


Google Analytics-logo

Google Analytics


API Tools









The technologies and tools can differ as per the type of the apps. The tools can be different for the Android app and iOS app. The tech stack also depends on the features and functions you want in the app.

How to Hire the Healthcare App Developers?

When you seek mobile app development services, the developers discuss your business idea. Because by doing so, they come to know about the difficulty level of the project. Besides, they ask you about the type of features you want on the app and the number of strength training sessions to understand the load on the app. The discussion is crucial to know what is impacting the cost of your app development.

It ultimately helps you to hire the best team of developers for your project. You should consider the below points while hiring developers so that you can find the best talent for your healthcare app.

  1. Be clear about your requirements
  2. Find how many healthcare apps the developers built
  3. Find the estimated cost to design a mobile app
  4. Check reviews and feedback and make a wise choice
  5. Discuss your idea and ask questions to developers
  6. Find, whether the firm signs NDA or not
  7. Find, will developers offer post-launch support?

Wrapping Up

The best health and fitness apps are getting more traction these days because people have become more conscious about their health. So, it’s an opportunity for you to help people with your amazing fitness app and generate revenue. To make your app strong to stay in the market, you need experienced developers. For this, you can hire healthcare app developers from Technource. It is a leading software development company in the USA.


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