10 Best Taxi Apps That Will Be Performing Well in 2023

Taxi booking apps have taken the world by storm. Uber is a popular name that comes first to our minds when talking about taxi apps. It generated revenue of around $17.4 billion in 2021. Many best taxi apps are performing effectively.

Convenience, comfort, and money-saving are traits of an online taxi booking app that can attract customers. It has made the lives of people easy because now they can move from one place to another whenever they want. Taxi services are also helpful for taxi drivers. It creates employment for them and helps to earn a reasonable amount.

Our App development company has developed more than 20 taxi booking apps for its clients. Many of them are doing great and generating good revenue for the owners. We made all these ride-sharing apps unique and high-performance with the help of our experienced developers. They use suitable and latest technologies to develop your taxi hailing app effectively.

If you have been finding Industry-based app ideas for startups, a taxi app can be one of the best choices. Since our team has worked on many taxi app projects, it knows interesting facts about the same. I am going to share them with you because it will help you know the best cab apps effectively.

Interesting Facts About a Taxi Service App

Before you read about the best taxi service apps, know some interesting facts to enrich your read. It will also help you make the right decision for developing the best ride hailing apps.
Around 87% of Uber drivers don’t want any boss therefore they chose this career.

  • The taxi business started in 2009 in the USA.
  • The Global ride-sharing market is expected to grow by 115% at the end of 2026.
  • The market value of top taxi apps is expected to grow by 185 billion US dollars in the coming years.
  • Revenue from taxi apps is expected to grow by more than $276 billion in 2022
  • Online booking has increased in the last 10 years. It has become the most lucrative segment. Have a look at the taxi market statistics.




Since taxi booking apps are expanding their presence in the world, people see lucrative business opportunities in them. If you are thinking of an online taxi ride startup, this blog will be a great help to you.

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Top 10 Taxi Booking Apps That Will be Performing Amazing in 2023

Rideshare apps ride you anywhere you wish in a particular city and outside of it. Many NYC taxi apps provide luxury rides. Taxi company uses the latest technologies to find pickup location fast and effectively. A customer can know the nearby driver in less than 3 seconds. Many Taxi booking apps ask for cancellation fees but provide them back if the customer is not satisfied.

Several NYC taxi apps run in major cities. So, there are different types of best apps. Scroll down to know about the top 10 taxi apps that will be popular due to the best services in 2023.

App Name App Logo Google Play Store Apple Store
Lyft Lyft-app  


DiDi-Rider DiDi-Rider-app

Uber Uber-app

Ola Ola-app

Curb Curb-app

Easy Taxi Easy-Taxi-app

Careem Careem-app

Gett Gett-app

LeCab LeCab-app

Revel Revel-app


Read about all these 10 taxi booking apps in the detail below.

1. Lyft

Lyft is a competitor of Uber and Didi. It is the best taxi in san Francisco and California and is widely used in these major cities. Around 65 cities in the USA use Lyft. It became more popular after the concept of “ride-share” before the Uber app. It is the best alternative to Uber in New York City.

Although it was launched three years after Uber’s arrival, it gained immense popularity due to its effective services and compelling marketing. It began providing shorter rides within the cities. Lyft now has a 22 to 33% market share in the USA. Well, Uber got successful in spreading its wings globally. However, Lyft is confined to the USA and its cities.


  • It lets drivers set their hours for work
  • Earn more during peak hours
  • Instant payment for the work you do
  • Different ways to earn money using the Lyft app


  • Safety has remained a concern
  • Lift prices like Uber prices
  • Vehicle cleaning and purchasing fuel prices go out of the driver’s pocket
  • Drivers need commercial rideshare insurance

2. DiDi

DiDi was launched in Melbourne in 2018. It rapidly gained popularity in other cities in Australia. It has more than 30 million drivers. And around 55 million people use DiDi. It is not only available in Australia, but also in Southeast Asia, China, and South America. The reason behind getting the huge user base is its price.

It is cheaper than Uber. DiDi enjoys a great user base in China which is why Uber sold its operations to it. You can feel safe while taking rides and driving because of its features of random biometric ID testing for drivers’ SOS buttons. It connects with law enforcement agencies. Taxi company also sends fatigue and tiredness alerts to DiDi drivers.


  • Exciting discounts and offers for users
  • Has the potential to challenge the hegemony of Uber
  • Easy and quick service to find drivers
  • Focus on making happy drivers


  • People complain about unsafe drives
  • Trip cancellations become a cause of customers getting late
  • Unfair prices during high or peak time
  • Not available in many countries

3. Uber

A list of the best taxi apps would not be complete without talking about Uber. It is an old player in the game. It is not limited to providing taxi rides, it also offers food delivery, package delivery, couriers, and freight transportation services. If you want a similar app read about a step-by-step guide on taxi booking app development.

You can also expand the reach of your taxi by providing free rides initially. Include electric vehicles to support eco-friendly development. Most smartphones definitely have a Uber app among many other mobile apps. There is a 56% increase in the revenue of Uber every year.


  • Many drivers have their own cars so they keep them well-maintained.
  • Registered users can hail a car from any location at any time.
  • Unprofessional drivers are weed out based on rating and behavior.
  • The competitive pricing model for different cities.
  • Safety and flexibility are offered by Uber.


  • Driver classification dispute in Uber.
  • Charges surge pricing and primetime pricing.
  • Often drivers use tricks to get more money.
  • Drivers bear the brunt of the costs.

4. Ola

Ola has around 56% market share in India. It is a popular rideshare app in the sub-continent of India. Ola gives tough competition to Uber with the help of various services. It had operating revenue of 9.8 billion Indian rupees. But it was 26.63 billion in the year 2020. Due to Corona Ola faced the burnt of loss.

However, it is still used in the 100 cities of India and marked its presence again with a bang. Ola provides services in some regional languages of India, which also makes it popular. Moreover, it charges nominal fees for new customers. Ola has a wider geographical reach that makes it easy for riders to reach customers quickly.


  • Has a wider market share
  • The high number of drivers
  • Ease of booking
  • Indian Startup with knowledge of the Indian condition
  • Effective market share


  • Technologically way behind Uber
  • Often drivers complain about payments
  • Ola app lacks innovation

5. Easy Taxi

Easy taxi is used in more than 400 cities across the globe. It is a well-known ride hailing app among people who have to travel every day. Its portal has 17 million users in the world, that is enough to astound you. With 400,000 thousand taxi drivers, it offers services like shared rides, fair ride prices, promo codes, taxi on-demand, and others.

Easy taxi is now a Cabify app. You get various ways of getting around the city because it provides cab, scooter, and bike rides. You can book any vehicle and track it in real time. It is available on iOS, Windows, and Android devices. Easy taxi emphasizes the drivers’ screening process to train them so they can provide the best taxi ride service.

It won the award of startup weekend Rio, spark award 2013, and IBM smart camp Brazil. These praises in the form of the award make it more authentic.


  • Customer care calls to ensure the customer is safe or not
  • Various promos to provide a cab ride at a low price
  • A sound rings as the ride is booked


  • Difficult to find the location while typing
  • Prices go higher many times

6. Curb

Curb is one of the most popular ride hailing apps in the USA. You can request, pay for the taxi, and reach your destination. It provides services in cities like Boston, Chicago, New York City, Las Vegas, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and others. So, currently, the Curb taxi app service is available in 65 U.S. cities.

This taxi booking app lets the riders book professional and insured drivers. It helps to keep the ride safe. Customers can give ratings to drivers. It helps the taxi company to classify drivers and provide better services.


  • Allows only professional and insured drivers
  • Smoother and user-friendly
  • Fair and simple registration process


  • Ride cancellation issues like other apps
  • Hang-up issues while booking a ride service

7. Careem

Careem is a well-known taxi app in Dubai. It has built an amazing organization to inspire several businesses in other countries. Careem provides its services in around 14 countries and 100 cities. It offers a host of daily lives and helps people reach their destination on time. Careem gave around 4.1 million rides in 2020.

Careem has received a total funding of 771.7M. It is an independent brand and works separately for quality service. It offers a hassle-free ride hailing service to customers going to an airport, function, birthday party, wedding, meeting, or others. You can find dedicated developers to build an app like Careem from Technource.

8. Gett

Gett is a worldwide corporate ground travel mobile application. It is a popular ridesharing app among travel lovers. Likewise, it is UK’s favorite black cab app. It raised funding of 928 million so far and has grown like never before. This on-demand taxi app is unlike other ride options, you get an amazing experience while in the cab.

Many customers find it a reliable, user-friendly, and Uber-like taxi app. Riders can share their experience by giving a rating to drivers. They can also book their rides in advance by scheduling the ride and avoid last-minute ride cancellation issues.


  • Effortless and ground-level booking
  • Schedule a ride for later
  • Seat back relax service
  • Know the estimated arrival time


  • Often customers find slow services
  • Price issues while using service on peak hours

9. LeCab

LeCab has 70,000 active users in France. It became popular in the year 2015 after Uber got banned. It took the opportunity and became the best taxi app in France. LeCab is not like the country doesn’t have other taxi apps. However, it came to the frontline and became a famous taxi app. You can find many features in this app that make your ride comfortable.

The interesting part of this app is that it offers a fixed price so you will see no variation in the prices. It might be difficult to understand because as per the location and fuel cost the prices must fluctuate. You can book LeCab to hire a private Jet for a tour to Paris.


  • Available for Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Holds a strong partnership with PrivateFly
  • One of the best mobile apps for cab and Jet rides


  • Customers face issues with drivers who don’t come on time
  • Quality of service has deteriorated over time
  • Charges for ride cancellation

10. Revel

If you are in NYC (New York City), you can use Revel a mobile application. It is a popular rideshare platform in the USA. It is one of the well-known mobile apps in New York that sustainable mobility to its riders. The most interesting part of this taxi booking app is that it is all electric-ride share.

You can rent an electric Moped, that comes with two helmets for safety purposes. There is a waiting list to have rides in innovative Tesla vehicles. Its revolutionary step to combat climate change is inspiring for other cab businesses.


  • Doing its part to combat climate change
  • Released a fleet of rental e-Bikes monthly
  • Rent an electric bike for just $99


  • Waitlist for rideshare in New York City
  • Some pages on the app show up as blank
  • Various bugs in the app

How to Hire Taxi App Developers?

Now you know about the top 10 ride hailing apps and most importantly their pros and cons. So, if you are planning to develop a taxi booking app for drivers and riders, it will help you a lot. You can think of drawbacks and eliminate them in your app. Moreover, provides quality service to excel in this business.

But if you don’t know how to develop an app, don’t worry, I will tell you the best ways to hire taxi app developers. Follow the below steps.

  1. Know about the on-demand app development cost
  2. Make a list of top app development companies
  3. Check reviews and feedback of these companies
  4. Check policies and compare prices
  5. Read the portfolio to know the work
  6. Find out about the technologies used by the firm
  7. Hire developers after interviewing them



The rideshare market is growing significantly and has future potential to grow manifolds. However, we can’t ignore the competition as well. But, if you want to excel in taxi booking apps and grow your business, Technource can help you. It is because we have experienced app developers who have worked with technologies like AI, VR, AR, IoT, and others.

You can easily get an innovative, robust, and cutting-edge application to enter the market with a bang. Reach out to us to discuss your idea free of cost and clear your doubts.

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