How to Design and Develop a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11​?

You must have seen people in the ground cheer their favorite players. Even, they suggest the cricket players play in a particular way so that the team can win. Moreover, they fantasize about the next steps of the players. The dream11 provides the chance to do the same. Many people want to develop a fantasy sports app like Dream11 because it is now a 1 billion company.

It is India’s best fantasy app, and millions of cricket lovers use it. Not only cricket but also Football, Basketball, Baseball, Kabaddi, Hockey, Volleyball, and Handball lovers use the app widely. After seeing the popularity of the app, several businesses started to look for the best on-demand app development company so that they can also build Fantasy sports apps like Dream11.

It is the first Indian gaming app to secure its place in the Unicorn Club. $277.64 million revenue earned by Dream11 in FY2020. So, you can notice how crazy are people to have the experience of an imaginary team, fantasize about the play, and earn money.

Yes, you read it right, you can earn rewards and money using the app. If you don’t know what is dream11 and how it works, read the below section.

What Is Dream11 App & How It Works?

Dream11 is a sports fantasy app developed by Harsh Jain & Bhavit Seth in 2008. You can create a team of real players when they are about to play live in any match. You can use your guessing skills to predict their moves. If you are right as per your prediction, you can earn some rewards. And based on these rewards you get money.

If your prediction or fantasy is not right, you can lose the points and ultimately money. Dream11 was founded in 2008 but due to legal issues it took many years to become popular. Some people say this app amounts the gambling, wagering, and betting. Indian Supreme court upheld the Dream11 as a ‘Game of Skill’ for the players on 30th July 2021.

But if you are planning to develop an app like Dream11, one question must come to your mind. What is the difference between sports betting and fantasy app? In Gambling, you go against the Bookies, while in sports fantasy, you go against the other players. Fantasy sports are legal because they don’t harm social values.

There are many countries where an app like Dream11 is not only legal but also popular. The countries are as follows the USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Greece, and many others. The popularity of sports fantasy paved the way for businesses to hire an on-demand app development company.

If you have been struggling to find the best industry-based app ideas, this one can be advantageous. Now, scroll down to know how to develop an app like Dream11.


How to Develop App Like Dream11?

Now people don’t want to remain spectators of the game. They want to involve more in it, and by earning they want to make it beneficial. Sports lovers who use fantasy and use their game skills are increasing amazingly. So, the need for Fantasy app developers also increasing. Check out the below stats.

It shows the estimated number of players of fantasy sports in the USA and Canada.



Except 2004 and 2005 the number of players increased continuously, and in 2017 it reached around 59 million in the USA & Canada. So, making an app for fantasy sports can prove beneficial, and you can have a huge traffic of sports lovers in the future.

But, before you think about how to hire mobile app developers in 2022, you need to know the important features of this type of app. Most of them come in the designing part, and we have divided them into two parts.

Features for Players

  • Registration: You can create your profile by registering on the app. This feature is just like any other on-demand app.
  • Dashboard: The users can get all the information related to the scores, tournaments, teams, and others in their dashboard.
  • Select the Tournament: A top mobile app development firm like Technource can build an easy UI for the selection of a tournament and team.
  • Join the Tournament: The next feature is about joining the tournament. For this, you will have to pay some amount.
  • Payment Selection Modes: This is an important feature in Fantasy app development as you can choose a convenient payment mode.
  • Create the Contest: Now it’s time to play. For this, create a contest. Inform your app development team to build a feature to allow the players to create their contests.
  • Invite or Refer the Friends: You can earn the referral amount by referring the app to your friends. It benefits the app and its users as well.

Features for Admin

  • Admin Login: The admin has to log in and manage everything through its account. It’s an important feature for the admin side.
  • Dashboard: Like a user, the admin also has his dashboard. He can manage results, rewards, and contests from here.
  • View Score, Earning, & Rewards: The admin must have access to view score, earning, and rewards.
  • Push Notification: Don’t forget to tell your Fantasy sports app development company to allow push notifications because they are important.
  • Email Reminders: You, as an admin should get the email reminders for the different updates.

These are the basic features to build an app. But to make it more similar to a Fantasy sports app like Dream11, some additional features are important. When developers work on these features they focus on the
11 unique web design trends. It is because these trends help to make the app attractive and engaging.

Additional Features for App Like Dream11

We are talking about only 4 additional features here, but there are some others as well. The crucial ones are as follows.

  1. Live Score API Integration
  2. Real-Time Analytics
  3. CRM Integration
  4. Location Tracking

Know about each feature below one by one.

  • Live Score API Integration: Live updates regarding the score, team, and others are important. So, with the help of API integration, you get easy-to-use and ready-made data about the live score.
  • Real-Time Analytics: In an app like Dream11, real-time data needs to be captured so the user can take the next move. With real-time analytics data is stored and analyzed simultaneously.
  • CRM Integration: Whether you want Fantasy cricket website development or app building, always ask for CRM integration. It is related to the back-end service provider for managing users’ location, tickets, emails, and push notifications.
  • Location Tracking: The push notification can be sent easily with GPS location tracking. Moreover, the users can instantly know about upcoming and ongoing matches.

Make sure these features you have in your apps, otherwise, it would be difficult to improve the visibility of the app among the masses. Since a huge number of people are expected to use the Fantasy cricket app like dream11, you should not take a chance to leave any feature in your app.



As you can notice in the above image, the market of Fantasy apps will increase between 2020 to 2025. The main regions where you can notice the High market for Fantasy sports apps are North America, Canada, and Europe. India, some central Asian countries, China, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, and New Zealand have a mid-level market. Likewise, Mexico, South America, South Africa, and middle east countries will have a low market for Fantasy sports apps.

You must have got the idea about the widespread use of an app like Dream11. But it is not easy to make your app popular. The technology stack of an app also plays a crucial role to develop an impressive app on time.

Technology Stack for Fantasy Sports App

Here is the overview of the technology stack used by the Dream11 app. By knowing about it, you can understand what takes to develop an app.

  1. JavaScript
  2. Node.JS
  3. Amazon
  4. Embedded CSS
  5. HTML5

Let’s read about them below.

  • JavaScript: It is a cross-platform, lightweight, client & server-side programming language.
  • Node.JS: It is a server-side JavaScript environment that is used to execute code easily and effectively.
  • Amazon: Dream11 used web hosting and reverse proxy services by Amazon.
  • Embedded CSS: Cascading style sheet was used for defining the style in the Dream11 Fantasy cricket website development.
  • HTML5: It helps to reduce the use of flash for website design

Now comes the most important question ‘What is the cost to design a mobile app?’. Well, the answer depends on several factors, we at Technource try to provide you app at a low price. Have a look at the factors that affect the Fantasy app development cost.


How Much Does It Cost to Develop the Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11?

Developing a Fantasy sports app like Dream11 can cost between $10,000 to $100,000, however, it depends on various factors. In the same way, An app with Android or iOS platform with the basic functionality can cost you $10,000 to $30,000. And an app like dream11 with advanced features for multiple platforms may cost up to $100,000.

Factors Affecting the Fantasy App Development Cost

After the proper analysis, we have found some crucial factors that determine the total cost of app development. Read about all of them below.

  1. Complexity Level
  2. Development Team
  3. Geographical Location
  4. Development Platform
  • Complexity Level: What features, functions and specific designs do you want in the app? These all things decide the complexity level of the app. The more the complexity level, the more the cost.
  • Development Team: App development is not a work of a person. An entire team works behind it. Know the difference between front-end, back-end, & full-stack developers, because their skills and work affect the final cost.
  • Designers: As the name implies, these developers are responsible for the UI/UX of the app that interacts first and most with the people. Do you know, around 90% of people leave the app due to bad design?
  • Developers: Back-end developers work for the core part of the app. They develop logic for server, database, troubleshoot problems, and improvement in the app.
  • Tester: A tester checks the app to ensure the proper functionality. He tests the app many times at different stages, even the developers can’t move ahead without approval from him.
  • Geographical Location: The cost for app development varies according to geographical location. Scroll down to check the below image of the world.

Software development rate according to geographical location


  • Development Platform: There are 3 main types of app development platforms. The first one is Android, the USA has 133.4 million Android users (Statista). The second is iOS; around 118.1 million are iOS users in the USA. And the last is cross-platform, which means the app can run on any platform.

You must be thinking, is Dream11 the only example for online fantasy cricket app development? The answer is no.
Let’s read below to know about similar apps.

Other Fantasy Sports App Similar to Dream11​

Ever since sports fantasy popularized among people, several apps have come into the market. The complete digitization of the process made it easy for the virtual players to get quick and correct information. You get the points for your team on the app as per the real-life players are performing in the live match. Some of the famous Fantasy sports apps like Dream11​ are as follows.

  1. MyTeam11
  2. Halaplay
  3. DraftKing
  4. FanDuel
  5. ESPN

Have a quick look at each app below.

  • MyTeam11: It is similar to the Dream11 app in which you can create a team of 11 players. If your fantasy team wins, you can redeem the money. In addition, you get to play free for some matches.
  • Halaplay: Almost all the features of this app are similar to the Dream11. Like, you can create a team that comprises the real players. Moreover, you earn points as the real players perform on the ground.
  • DraftKing: This app is popular among fantasy sports lovers for massive payouts. Its cash prize starts from $3 to $1 million. Likewise, you can earn the money by playing almost 12 types of games.
  • FanDuel: It uses attractive features to offer an excellent experience to the users. If the developers know tools and technologies to use for app development in 2022, they can provide you with an impressive app like FanDuel.
  • ESPN: This fantasy app offers you games like Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and others to make a team and play. For the same, a feature ‘Predict the Winner’ helps you win the big prizes.

Final Note

Here is the end of the blog. We hope, you found it informative. So, if you also want a fantasy app, contact us for robust, scalable, & impressive sports fantasy app development. We have a team of 50+ developers who can provide you with a customized app as per your choice. Till now, we have developed more than 350 apps for different enterprises.



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