Hiring a Flutter Developer Online from India? Read These Tips Before You Start Brainstorming

Even though Flutter made it to the market in 2018, it has managed to create a massive community of developers. And has managed to become one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks and is being perceived as the future of cross-platform app development. Hiring a Flutter developer online from India? Read these tips before you start brainstorming.

Everyone might be wondering that why Flutter app development is trending? It’s because, after its launch in 2018, there was a 3.4% adoption rate in the following year. This rate increased to 7.2% in the year 2020. As per one of the latest surveys, 13.55% of the respondents were now using Flutter. Such is the demand for this tech that Google has already introduced Flutter 2.2.

The popularity of this platform increased so much that there has been a rise in demand to hire Futter app developers. Hence we decided to write this dedicated blog that shares the important aspects of hiring Flutter developers. Read on till the end if you plan to work with Flutter developers for your next web or mobile app development process.

Depending on the scope of your project, there will be a difference in the different expertise levels of Flutter developers that you need.

Types of Flutter App Developers that you can Hire

Junior Flutter Developers

Junior-level Flutter developers are in their foremost year of coding. Now depending on their level of understanding and willingness to learn they will hold a certain level of expertise. Your observation is of the essence in this situation. But firstly, one should learn to manage their expectations.

These developers might not be aware of every detail of the framework but they can surely surprise you with a knack for innovation and enthusiasm to learn. They can take a while to understand and apply certain concepts but will do the same with utmost dedication.

Mid-Level Flutter Developers

With time one can get experienced with almost anything, and this is the same. After working on many projects developers can become proficient with Flutter app development. The minimum margin for being considered as a mid-level developer is  2-4 years.

But if a developer has 4 years of experience they will surely charge you more as compared to the one who has 2 years of experience. They will also offer a higher level of expertise for the fees they charge. To decide between the two, you must have a fair idea of your business goals.

The upside to hiring a mid-level developer is that they don’t need any monitoring or mentoring. Thus they can directly contribute to the development process.

Senior Flutter Developers

This designation is given to those who have more than 4 years of experience in development. Their expertise will only be required if you wish to develop an enterprise-level application. The experience that they bring to the table is of prime importance. It will speed up your development process while offering you an intelligently coded application.

They can also offer sound guidance to junior or mid-level developers if you hire both. But the hourly development rate can be overwhelming for your overall mobile app development cost. So, if you’re on a tighter budget then you should surely opt for the other two options.

Now that you know the types of developers that you can hire, let’s learn the things that one should keep in mind while hiring a Flutter developer.


Things one Should know Before Hiring a Flutter Developer

Search for a Developer Online

In today’s era, the internet is the go-to source for almost anything you need. So is the case while finding app developers. But like the dilemma one faces with too many options on Netflix, this hunt is somewhat similar. So, you need to be patient and vigilant while conducting this process. You should be clear on your wants and look for a developer accordingly.

Knowledge of Current Technology and Trends

A tech professional should be hired not only based on the prior experience that they’ve done but also on their knowledge of current trends and technology. Their inexperience with relevant tech might not help you develop a modern-day application. Millennials and young individuals today want to use apps that have advanced features and so it’s necessary to keep a track of the ongoing trends. To gain essential knowledge on how mobile apps should be built one should study the beginner’s guide to mobile app development.

Code Optimization

Flutter has been majorly used to develop apps for iOS and Android platforms. If you’re planning the same then one should learn that their codebase should be optimized to access higher platform-specific functionalities. Android and iOS app users are prone to having a smooth and fluid performance along with engaging graphics. Therefore this is such an important feat before one hires a developer. A similar feature is observed with Flutter’s competitor React Native. One should try the Flutter vs React Native comparison to make a wise decision.

Examining Developer Portfolio

This is the core part of your hiring process. One should have the necessary personnel or expertise to understand and analyze developer skills. You should have a system in place to conduct the hiring process. It’s suggestable to perform a thorough investigation of the developer’s portfolio. A developer’s portfolio is like a bible for an entrepreneur.

Budget Estimation

There should be a prior division of your overall budget. One must at all times know how much they can spend. As app development is a vital part of your overall business it demands a wise investment strategy. You can conduct your research on many online platforms to know the ongoing or base price for hiring Flutter developers.

Readable Code

A code says a lot about how a developer’s mind and how it approaches to problem-solving. Hence, observing a code is amongst the most preferred ways to know your candidates. An intelligent developer’s code would always be easy to read, navigate, and understand. This is considered readable code.

The readability of a code is judged by its syntax, context, and structure. If the preceding are symmetrical, they can easily be read, edited, and updated. Asymmetrical or spaghetti code is an evident example of the inexperience and lack of technical acumen in a candidate.

Agile Development Methodology

The Agile development methodology is not specific to a particular technology but an efficient approach to all types of app development. Yet, when you plan to hire a Flutter developer, they must know the basics of the preceding and how to follow the same moving forward. Agile in a way makes room for corrections and offers efficient results from the beginning. The Agile methodology also includes working and coordinating with all members of the in-house development team and remote teams paving their way to their desired outcome.

Social Skills

Developers are not antisocial beings who sit in a dorm room all day, as opposed to what you might’ve seen in the movies. On the contrary, a developer needs social skills to communicate well with your fellow team members and clients. While you don’t need someone who can crack jokes, you surely need an individual who can make your clients understand what they need and how they can reach their desired goal.


Hiring a Flutter Developer Online? Freelancers, In-House Developers, or IT Company Which is Best for your Business?

These three options would present you with different mobile app development costs when hiring a developer. You can work with freelancers or remote development teams, or hire in-house developers. Let’s learn what each of the above has to offer.

Freelance Developers

Hiring a freelancer would ensure a budget check right from the start of your project. Freelancers happen to be free agents that are readily available and can work from any corner of the world. But depending on the region they offer their services from, there would be a difference in their development rate. For instance, a freelancer in the US can charge you anywhere between 100 USD- 150 USD while the same in India will charge you somewhere between 20 USD – 50 USD.

The upside to hiring the same is that one can seek updates and address any changes at any moment. While the downside to the same is that at times freelancers tend to overcommit and underdeliver. This can prove to be a big problem while adhering to deadlines.

In-House Developers

This is another great option that you can exercise. This will be a bit more costly than hiring a freelancer, plus one would have to offer a dedicated space and technical infrastructure for the developer to create and test your app.

Managing an in-house developer or small team is easy. One would also get daily updates and a chance to be a part of the development process. One important thing that you should keep in mind is that the developers you hire should have great coordination between them.

IT Service Company

Hiring a top Flutter app development company is the safest place to invest. If done with proper research this method will yield you the most promising results. This is because an IT service company has the expertise and experience to firstly understand your requirements, brainstorm relevant solutions that suit your budget, and implement the same.

They have a dedicated step-by-step process that has already been tried and tested on the prior projects they have worked on. You can concentrate on other business-related affairs as your development team would take care of everything i.e. from inception to launch.

Wrapping Up

Here’s a wrap to this blog. Many cross-platform techs are available today but the competition goes on between the top three players i.e Flutter, React Native, and Ionic. To get sound insights on the preceding you should study the React Native vs Flutter vs Ionic comparison.

We are a web and mobile app development company that has ample experience working with cross-platform as well as native techs. Hiring a Flutter developer online? Get in touch with us today by signing up for a free consultation and get your app up and rolling at the earliest. Thank you for reading.



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