iOS 16 Beta 2 Release: Know Every New Feature and Changes

Are you waiting for the iOS 16 Beta 2 Release? Here ends your wait. Because iOS 16 has been released on 22nd June 2022. Sometimes back, a report from Bloomberg alleged that the iOS 16 public beta might arrive a bit later than usual. As always, Apple continued to refine its features, and functions, so it did the same with this latest release.

The first public beta of iOS would have all the features beta 2 and Beta 3 have. If you are planning for iOS App development, create an app that suits this latest release.

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What is iOS 16 Beta 2?

To understand the new features of the latest release iOS 16 Beta 2, you must have an idea of what it is. iOS 16 is the latest version of the iPhone that introduces some new features to enhance the experience of Apple users.

You can find more improvements and message backup in the iOS 16 Beta 2 update. You can find many features in iOS 16 that were not in Apple iOS 15 or the enhanced features. So, are you excited to know what’s new in the iOS 16 release? Scroll down to know it.

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iOS 16 Beta 2 Release Features and Changes (What’s New?)

On June 22 Apple released the second developer betas of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, tv OS 16, WatchOS 9, and mac OS 13 venture. They follow the 1st betas. It was released on June 9 WWDC Keynote. iOS 16 beta version is less buggy and more stable than its predecessor. Let’s know about its features in the below points.

  • Lockscreen Customization

    iOS 16 features include two new types of look for your lock screen. They are Dubbed DueTone and Color Wash. Even, you can delete the lock screen in this iOS 16 updates. For this, you just need to swipe upward. It is like deleting a watch face on your Apple Watch.

  • Wallpaper Cropping and Editing Label

    iOS 16 allows you to use the wallpaper photo editing feature. When you set a wallpaper, there will be a line saying “Pinch to crop”. It means you can use pinching to adjust the crop. Moreover, you can set your lock screen wallpaper in the iOS 16 beta 2 release. It is easy to customize as per your requirements.

  • iCloud Backup via LTE

    Apple supports backing up your device to iCloud with the help of Wi-Fi and 5G, But now you will find that this iOS 16 Beta release also overs LTE connections.

  • Screenshot Saving

    A screenshot editing interface allows you to save to “Quick Note”. Likewise, you can find the option “Save to Photos”, “Save to File”, and “Delete Screenshot ”.

  • SMS Filtering

    You will not have to worry about spam messages because this latest release of Apple provides you with an SMS filtering feature. The second Beta of iOS 16 permits developers to classify incoming messages from unknown numbers into 12 new sub-categories within transaction and promotion categories.

  • SMS Junk Reporting

    iOS 16 offers a feature through which you can report the SMS/MMS junk to US carriers. However, it works for some.

  • Translate App Languages

    If you are thinking of seeking iOS app development services this latest release can also be useful. It is because ios 16 allows you to translate the app language. It adds support for Turkish, Thai, Polish, Indonesian, Dutch, and others.

These new features can improve the customer experience of your iOS app users. Now you know all the crucial features, so you can move to the next section and understand what would be the cost of seeking iOS app development services.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an iOS Application?

A mobile app development cost depends on several factors. These factors affect the cost in numerous ways. If you hire a Mobile app development company, the cost can be around $10,000-$75,000.

Let’s know about the top 5 factors affecting the cost of the iOS app.

  1. App Features
  2. Technology Stack
  3. Development Team
  4. Project Size
  5. Development Time

If you want to hire iOS developers, know about these factors proactively. The estimated iOS app development cost is $10,000-$120,000. A simple iOS app can cost you around 10,000-30,000. Whereas, a complex iOS app can cost you around 30,000-120,000. But don’t forget that the cost depends on the factors mentioned above so you can notice the variation in the price.

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Final Words

This is all about the iOS 16 Beta release and its new features. Now you know, which new updates this latest release offers to the users and app developers community. You can also develop a beautiful app by partnering with Technource. We use the best iOS development tools to provide an innovative software solution.


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