Spotify Stats 2023: What’s the Future of the Media Streaming App By Numbers?

We all love listening to music and use various apps for it. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps. According to Spotify stats, it has around 400 million active users. The Swedish company allows you to download around 10,000 songs if you subscribe to the premium version of Spotify and have a Spotify account.

It has enhanced listening habits because you are provided with songs according to your music taste and top tracks. It keeps the most played songs and top tracks on the loop. You can play the music of your favorite artists. Loaded with many benefits this type of app idea attracted many businesses. So, our on-demand app development firm receives various projects related to similar app ideas.

Moreover, according to your listening history and listening habits, Spotify provides the top tracks. There are many other interesting things about having a Spotify account. This post will inform you of more than 30 Spotify facts.

You will be knowing Spotify stats in various aspects. Apart from Spotify facts, I will also talk about the share drop of Spotify and the technology stack of the Spotify platform.

What Is Spotify and Why Are Youngsters Crazy About It?

Millions of youngsters listen to their top artists and enjoy their favorite songs using Spotify. It is one of the popular music streaming apps that are known for its rousing interface and thrilling music, and list of top artists. If you also want to build such an app know the cost to develop a music streaming app.

Well, Spotify considers your musical taste before suggesting you the songs. Have a look at some of the reasons that drive youngsters crazy about Spotify.

  1. Spotify uses the best music-discovering algorithms
  2. It has 82 million tracks to get your groove on
  3. No ads on the premium version of the Spotify account
  4. You can add unlimited favorite songs to your personal library
  5. You get song recommendations according to recently listened tracks
  6. Turning on social sharing helps you to know what your friends are listening to
  7. A page of each artist lets you listen to the music you liked about that artist
  8. Spotify has albums, compilations, singles, and songs from the top artists

Like Spotify, there are many other live-streaming apps for your music taste.These types of apps are thriving in the present time. You can also know about the 10 best live-streaming apps to get more information.

Let’s move ahead and see your Spotify stats below.

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21+ Spotify Stats/Spotify Data in 2023


There are many informative and interesting facts about Spotify. I have curated them for you. These Spotify stats will help you know about this amazing app. It has been thriving and leaving behind the other top music streaming companies like Amazon and Apple music. You can listen to the top tracks and recently played artists.

You can share songs with friends and check the played songs after making a Spotify account. Spotify has not left any stoned unturned to be good at its marketing. Spotify wrapped is a viral marketing campaign that helped the company immensely. It was first released in 2016 and since then it is released in early December every year.

Spotify wrapped allows viewers to see a compilation of data about their activities. Moreover, you can share it on social media as well. You can make your Spotify profile enriched with your recently played artists and favorite songs, and new songs. Spotify uses Artificial Intelligence for song recommendations.

1. Revenue & Market Cap of Spotify

According to Statista, Spotify made revenue of 9.67 billion euros in 2021.

2. Spotify acquired 24 companies

According to this Spotify stats, Spotify has a market cap of 23.88 billion. It is as per the March 2022 data. Now Spotify has become the 759th valuable company by market cap.

3. Top competitors

There are many other businesses like Spotify but became the winner by acquiring 24 organizations quickly. The latest acquisition is Ireland-based content moderation tech company Kinzen in 2022

4. Top 5 competitors of Spotify

There are top 5 competitors of Spotify. See your Spotify stats below.

Apple Music

Amazon Music

YouTube Music


Sound Cloud


5. Spotify and Google begin rolling out user-choice billing

Users can experience the freedom to subscribe and make purchases with the help of User Choice Billing (UCB). Android users now have more options to pay for Spotify subscriptions.

6. Spotify is available in more than 79 countries

The geographical reach of Spotify is commendable. The app is available in around 79 nations and supports 17 languages.

7. Spotify has around 250 million active users in 75 countries

A huge user base of Spotify enhances its popularity and growth. People have listening habits so they listen to the most played songs and sometimes obscure artists. People in 75 countries have a Spotify account.

8. Spotify Lite app is used in 37 countries

Spotify releases the Lite app, a simplified version of the app. According to this Spotify stats, you listen to the top tracks and have the best according to your music taste without more storage, Spotify data, and battery.

Spotify Lite lets you;

  • Free up space from your device easily
  • You can set a data limit
  • Get notifications
  • Allows track storage and data usage

9. Various Spotify subscribers in different regions

People subscribe to Spotify from different regions in the world. Check out the table in which I have presented annual subscribers by region in Millions.

Year North America Latin America Europe Rest of World
2018 26 Million 17 Million 33 Million 7 Million
2019 32 Million 22 Million 43 Million 11 Million
2020 40 Million 29 Million 54 Million 15 Million
2021 48 Million 33 Million 66 Million 18 Million

10. Spotify is the top iPhone music app in 2023

As per the report by Statista, Spotify is the top iPhone music app in the Apple app store in September 2022.




11. 1 Billion Spotify Android apps installation is recorded

Do you have Spotify account? Like you many people install the Spotify app. It led to the 1 billion Spotify Android app installation. It is one of the most effective Industry-based app ideas for a startup.

12. Around 10 million people installed the Spotify Lite app

As you read above, the Spotify Lite app saves battery, needs less data, and still provides all the features, due to this advantage many people downloaded the app for their music taste.

13. Premium subscribers of Spotify are 195 Million

As per Statista report. In the third quarter of 2022, Spotify had around 195 million premium subscribers worldwide to enjoy the music taste.

14. Most people subscribed to Spotify through their Facebook account

Around 55% of people subscribed to Spotify through their Facebook accounts. They love to explore features like most played songs and others.

15. Spotify brand popularity increased three times in India

Spotify is not popular only in developed countries, but also in developing countries like India.

16. Spotify Wrapped is the most viral marketing campaign

Spotify wrapped first came in early December 2016. It has been a viral and successful marketing campaign for Spotify.

17. Spotify has 36 million users from the USA

Many people in the USA have subscribed to Spotify to listen to the top artists and get monthly genre pie. It makes a huge number of Spotify lovers who like to keep top tracks on to listen any time.

18. More than 28% of Spotify users are Millennials

People from all walks of life want to listen to top tracks. And you will be shocked to know that one-fourth of people are Millennials who use Spotify.

19. 56% of Spotify users are male

As per the Verto analytics data 56% of Spotify users are male. Here is the view of Stats for Spotify.



20. 52% of people listen to music using Spotify on Smartphones

Spotify is available on various platforms, but people like to use the app more on smartphones and tablets. Spotify wrapped feature has also enhanced the music listeners’ experience.

21. Spotify has around 80 million tracks

Whoever has app access gets around 80 million tracks to calm listening habits.

22. More than 50,000 songs are added to the platform every day

In the series of stats for Spotify, this one is astounding. From the top songs, top artists, and genres, to tunes according to your zodiac sign, Spotify has more than 50,000 songs.

23. 2.4MB is consumed by the premium subscriber of Spotify

A premium subscriber of Spotify consumes 2.4MB per minute which is 115.2 MB every hour.

24. A user listens to 41 artists in a week

A Spotify user listens to tracks from various top artists in a week. The app uses an algorithm to make a list of top artists.

25. Spotify has around 3 million podcasts

In the series of Stats for Spotify, this is also an important point. Spotify podcasts also gaining popularity. There are more than 3 million podcasts on the app.

26. Spotify active users listen to 25 hours of content

According to the most recent data about Spotify, active users on Spotify spend 24 hours per month.

27. More than 1 million artists on Spotify receive 100 hours of listening time

Spotify has an immense number of top artists from different genres. So, people get ample choices to choose artists and genres.

These are some of the crucial stats for Spotify. Well, there are many other stats for Spotify, but I found these ones worthy to be presented here.

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Why Did Spotify Shares Drop by 9% in October 2023?

As the disappointing earning report came out, shares of Spotify dropped by 9% in October. It happened because the company exceeded estimates for revenue and user growth. Spotify shares were doing great before the earnings report. Many investors even speculated that Spotify can increase its subscription prices.

However, after the earnings report, Spotify’s net losses were larger than expected. Spotify management is working on it and handling short-term challenges effectively.

Confused about how to make your app better than Spotify CTA2

Technology Stack of Spotify App

Who doesn’t have a Spotify account and Spotify listening habits? We all have favorite songs, favorite artists, and different music tastes that we can check using Spotify wrapped. When you see your Spotify stats, you realize it’s a great business idea, many businesses also want a great app like Spotify.

If you also want to build a similar app to Spotify or even better, you must know the technology stack of the Spotify app along with stats for Spotify. Here is the list for the same, check it out.

i. Language and Framework Tools

Bootstrap -icon

ii. Analytics tools and software

Facebook Pixel

iii. Utility Tools


iv. Application Hosting Tools


v. Asset And Media


vi. Back Office Tools

Microsoft Excel
There are many other tools also used for the development of the Spotify app.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed reading the Stats for Spotify. Now you know what is Spotify, important facts about it, why people love it, Spotify listening habits of people, and the tech stack of Spotify. If you also feel like developing an app similar to Spotify or any other type of app, reach Technource. We have experienced app developers and innovative designers who see your Spotify stats before they begin to research.We build iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps considering your requirements CTA3


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