A Complete Guide to Super App Development


People use different apps for different services, like Uber to drop and pick, Zillow to sell and rent a home, Allrecipes for a cooking experience, Turbotax to file taxes, Yelp app to check reviews, etc. What if you get all the services in a single app? It is an amazing idea called a super app. Some big brands have already moved to super app development.

They integrate all their services into a single app and make it available to their user base. Since big brands already have their customer base, it becomes a cakewalk for them to reach a larger audience on time. Moreover, they have teams to handle all the services offered by the app effectively. The best app development company can help you with super app development if you want one for your businesses.

Well, a super app is an amazing concept. So you must be excited to know about it everything. Our development team offers this informative post to calm your curiosity about super app development, benefits, features, cost, and many other things.

One App, One Login, One User Experience – Many Services

As the heading implies, a super app is a combination of multiple apps to offer many services. You have to download only one app to get various types of services. You used to download various apps for different services and end up filling the space of your phone. It was often confusing to manage and use various apps on the phone.

Super apps have removed this issue. It meets the thriving demand of the market with a smart concept. For example, you can book a seat in a restaurant using a flight booking app and get food delivery services from a grocery delivery app. I have just given you examples of a combination of two services, but a Super app offers many services at a time.

There are various mini-apps and their owners have to manage them separately. If they combine all these apps in just one app, management of all the services will be easy for the app owners.
So, If you also want a successful super app, this blog is full of information that will be valuable for your super app project.

Examples of Successful Super Apps

The super app is not a new concept. There are already some players in the super app market trends. Many mobile apps are merged for multipurpose app development. Many big brands launched their super apps with a seamless user experience. Your app can also be the most successful super app. But for this, have a sneak peek at your competitors in the market.

Here is the list of the most successful super apps that offer multiple services for a consistent user experience.

  1. Grab
  2. Omni
  3. WeChat
  4. Rappi
  5. Revolut
  6. Zalo
  7. Gojek

1. Grab

Initially, grab was a ride-sharing service. In 2018, the app joined various financial institutions. It was a breakthrough to become a super app for Grab. Now it has become GrabPay with a super financial app. It has more than 185 million users. These users make around 25 million transactions every month.

2. Omni

Omni is a popular super app in central America. It is the most downloaded application on Google play in the Costa Rica region. Omni was launched in 2019. The app became popular in the region in a short time because it met the demand of the local people. This super app is a service provider of transportation, car services, and finances.

3. WeChat

You may find it shocking, but the term “Super app” was first used for WeChat, the free messaging and calling app. More than 1.2 billion people use this ubiquitous application. The super app offers many services of micro apps. Mobile users can chat, shop online, order food, book a trip, and enjoy live streaming.

4. Rappi

Rappi is a leading on-demand delivery all in Latin America. It connects people looking for a wide variety of things and services online. Cloths, groceries, food, and many other services are offered by this customer-facing app. The multiple service needs are fulfilled by the app in 7 countries and 50 cities.

5. Revolut

Revolut is one of the financial super apps which are popular in Europe. The app aimed at helping users to make better financial decisions. It is capable of carrying 150 million monthly transactions. It encourages people to improve their financial health with the help of different services on the app.

6. Zalo

Surprisingly Zalo never planned to become a super app. It was a simple app like WeChat. But today it has around 70 million active users. It’s all because of its high performance and variety of services. It offers HD image sharing and video calls. Now it has become a ZaloPay. This, one of the best customer-facing apps allows smooth online transactions.

7. Gojek

Gojeck began its journey in 2010 with food delivery services. It offers some on-demand services with the help of apps GoRide, GoShop, GoSend, and GoRoof. The super app offers various services, they are Approx 20 services. It is one of the leading digital payment providers in Indonesia.

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Top 10 Benefits of Super App Development

Super apps are full of various benefits. Even small businesses are also thinking to build a super app for their targeted users. From bill payments, online grocery shopping, online transactions, and others, the super app offers several services. Let’s scroll down to know the benefits of super apps.

1. Effective User Experience

This is one of the most important benefits of using a super app. Businesses have to offer the best user experience and for this, they integrate an effective user interface, follow market research statistics, discuss with super app developers, and do many other things. A super app can easily offer effective interaction with customers.

2. Strong Branding

Super apps lead to strong branding because they offer credibility and recognition to the brand. People trust the brand more than before when it becomes a super app. As more customers will avail of your services as more your brand will grow. As a result, strong branding leads to more revenue generation.

3. Retain Old Customers

When your app was not a super app, that time also, the app had customers. These people will use your super app first. You will not have to worry about attracting customers for your app like a newly launched app. Super app’s success lies in its old customers. They get a seamless servicing platform with various services.

4. Increased Revenue Causes

A single app becomes a source of revenue from several services. It leads to business benefits. A single platform is a reason for your major revenue generation. With zero customer acquisition cost, the super app fulfills multiple service needs. App users don’t have to use multiple platforms for various services.

5. Wider Audience Reach

With an ordinary app, you can reach only one or two types of audiences. But a super app lets you reach a wider audience. A single platform by the proficient development team allows different types of customers to use the app. People who use online transactions, order food, and book tickets frequently can get all the services in a single app.

Why Must Big Brands Own A Super App?

You must have noticed that only big brands have launched their super apps to date. It is because they are old players in the market and already have many apps that offer various services. To build a super app, these big brands only have to hire a development team to integrate their different apps’ services into one.

Many potential leaders are moving to super app development. They are making their super apps more user-friendly with the help of new technologies. According to the latest report, Yanzo will integrate its super app with ChatGPT to deal with customers’ requests effectively. Despite the potential, super apps have not gone global and are limited to some regions.

Check out this, video for more clarity on

What is a super app, and why haven’t they gone global? | CNBC Explains

Top 7 Elements of Super App

Without knowing the elements and functionalities of the app, you can’t decide whether this is a simple app or a super app. Well, most of the features are the same. But differences can be seen in the categories of the products and services. It may take a little more time to find the app services as per your needs on the super app.

For example, in an online grocery shopping app, you only have to look for varieties that are related to food. However, in a super app, you have to be cautious to find services and products that you need. Here you can see a lot of stuff because a super app is full of content.

Knowing about the elements and functionalities will be more helpful to understand super apps. You can call them elements or services that can be included in an app to make it a super app.

  1. Social Media
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Healthcare
  4. Food Delivery
  5. Payment Transfer
  6. eCommerce
  7. Transportation and Travel

1. Social Media

Social media platforms have become the easiest and fastest way to communicate. An app development company enables social media integration in the super app for a better user experience. Social media accounts allow video calling, sharing files, uploading files, and others which are crucial for communication.

2. Banking and Finance

Most super apps offer banking and finance services so that users don’t have to switch an app for payment. Super apps provide banking and finance services line creating and closing accounts, getting bank loans, checking account statements, and many other services. A super app can be the best finance management platform.

3. Healthcare

Many super apps offer healthcare services. They offer all the services of medical care on a single platform. You have to use just one app to book an appointment with the doctor. This is an effective way to improve patient engagement, better health monitoring, and more. Rappi, Tataneu, Practo, and Snap are examples of popular healthcare super apps.

4. Food Delivery

Super apps enable users with an all-in-one facility to order food and do online grocery shopping, choose a location, pay online, and others. You can check reviews and feedback about the food. Moreover, check the food menu online before ordering or going to the restaurant.

5. Payment Transfer

As per the super app market statistics, super apps will gain traction in Africa and the middle east. China, the US, and India are the three countries that will account for more than 70% of domestic money transfers through apps. They use super apps effectively for payment transfers. Super apps are also used for bill payment for a DTH, Broadband, Gas, Electricity, and Mobile recharge.

6. eCommerce

Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Gojek, and Tataneu are the best examples of eCommerce super apps. You can buy products and services, make payments, watch series, and do many others things on a super app. So, super apps are transforming the face of the global eCommerce market.

7. Transportation and Travel

transportation and travel market is also not devoid of the influence of super apps. Uber, Snap, Rappi, Ola, and Careem are examples of transportation super apps. You can book tickets for flights and buses using super apps. Exclusive deals, offers, prices, and discounts are also provided by super apps.

These are some services that most super apps offer. When you hire an app development company, tell your developers to integrate services of multiple apps into your super app.

But make sure you target the audience considering regions because super apps are not popular in all countries. Check out the below image to know countries interested in a super app idea.




Types of Super Apps

Super app development requires you to focus on various factors. Considering types of super apps is one of them. Check out the types of super apps to decide which type of app you want.

Super apps mainly fall into only two categories:

  • Customer-facing super apps:

The concept originated in China with the WeChat app. A customer-facing super app is used by customers to connect and engage with your business. Have a look at the popularity of such apps in other countries than China.

India: MyJio, Paytm, Tata Neu

My Jio
Tata Neu

UAE: Careem, Talabat, Noon Shopping

Noon Shopping

UK: Uber, Yandex Go, Alipay

Yandex Go

USA: Facebook, Amazon, Revolt

  • Employee-facing super apps:

These types of apps are getting popular for the company’s engagement with employees. From recruitment, onboarding, business processes, and employee tracking super apps are immensely useful.

Me@Wallmart has its employee-facing super app (B2E). It offers services like employee onboarding updates, schedules, employee perks, benefits, and requests for time off.


What Are the Challenges Faced by Businesses During Super App Development?

Super app development is not an easy process. Developers have to plan every step for an accurate development process. To develop super apps, they have to focus on many aspects. If you are thinking of super app development, know the below challenges in advance to avoid any problems in your super app development process.

  1. Need Skilled Protection
  2. Issues in the App Performance
  3. Super Apps Are Super Expensive
  4. Cutting-Edge IT Infrastructure
  5. Gigantic API Integrations
  6. UX/UI Designs Are Challenging

1. Need Skilled Team

You need to hire a skilled app development team for a super app. Developers have to consider various factors and aspects of the super app while developing it. So, a highly competent and experienced team can handle the development of these types of mobile apps.

2. Issues in the App Performance

Since a super app is a combination of multiple apps or offers various services, it leads to poor performance because of a lot of data processing at a time. A super app becomes heavy due to offering many services at a time. It is a quite challenging task for developers to build a high-performing super app.

3. Super Apps Are Super Expensive

Supers apps offer several services so their integration is expensive. Their development demands tons of resources. Lots of features and functionalities need a good amount to invest in such apps. Likewise, developers also charge high. And, it all increases super app development costs.

4. Cutting-Edge IT Infrastructure

A super mobile app is different from other apps. Developers have to use advanced technologies, tools, and frameworks for super app development. A high-configuration infrastructure with an algorithm is optimized. It is crucial for the fast loading time.

5. Gigantic API Integrations

Super apps are called super because they offer many services in a single platform. It requires the integration of a lot of APIs. Handling such a mammoth of APIs is quite challenging. A super app has many integrated micro apps which makes development a difficult task.

6. UX/UI Designs Are Challenging

Many on-demand industry apps offer different services and these services are integrated into a super app. It requires a great amount of market research to make user-friendly features. Developers have to build UX/UI designs cautiously to develop intuitive features. It also affects the Super app development cost.

Developing a super app is challenging, but if you have a great idea, don’t stop yourself. Go ahead with your new app idea to make money.


Super App Development Steps

You have to focus on app development trends to build a user-friendly super app, otherwise, anyone can surpass your app. Here are the effective steps by experts for super app development to avoid terrible user experience.

  1. Select a suitable platform for the super app development
  2. Research thoroughly for the development of innovative features
  3. Take the help of experts for consultation
  4. Hire a skilled and proficient development team
  5. Decide on a technology stack of a super mobile app
  6. Follow the best mobile app development practices
  7. Design, develop and test the app
  8. Integrate robust security and user authentication functionality
  9. Hire an app maintenance service provider

The steps can be less or more as per the type and features of your app. Most businesses go for custom app development as per their needs. Custom app development benefits a super app owner to provide the best services.

How To Monetize Super App Development?

Why do you need a super app? The answer is simple, to make money. Many apps are working on effective monetization concepts. Let’s have a look at the business model of super apps.

  1. Advertising
  2. Credit system
  3. Cross-border payments
  4. Rewards and loyalty programs

Wrapping Up

Super apps have the potential to improve customer experience like never before. It offers various services in just one app which is an evolution in the app market. However, you have to face some challenges while developing it. If you need any type of assistance regarding the app and website development, contact Technource. It has experienced, qualified and skilled developers.




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