Tinder Alternatives: 15 Top Dating Apps Like Tinder for 2023


In 2021 Tinder was downloaded around 6.5 million times. With the huge number of users, it ranks at the top for in-person meetups and hookups. Tinder generated revenue of 1.6 billion in 2021 and it increases around 17% year on year. Therefore, now businesses and people want apps like tinder.

They seek the best mobile application development company for building online dating sites. There are many different online dating apps for singles and gay as well. They can get the potential matches with the help of an algorithm used by the app developers as per the psychology of singles. If you are planning for the next cool dating app, don’t miss out on the information in this blog.

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You will know about the best dating apps and a unique compatibility matching system for serious relationships, elite singles, like-minded people, queer women, and the LGBT community.

Have a look at the image below. It shows the most popular dating apps in the USA. It is according to the share of paying U.S. online dating customers who used the apps in the past 12 months (2022).

Bumble is the most popular dating app in the USA. Tinder comes at number two as per the 2022 data. I have curated crucial and popular hookup apps and dating apps to find matches in the next section.




15 Popular Dating Apps Like Tinder in 2023

Dating apps streamline the dating process. It makes finding the perfect match easy that can lead to lasting and fulfilling relationships. Since Tinder is used by many people, especially between the ages of 15-45, an app idea for how to build a dating app like Tinder can work.

According to June 2022, Tinder ranked the number one dating app in the USA.

Have a look at the image below, and find the best hookup apps with users connecting the most. Other dating apps besides Tinder are the best Tinder alternatives.



So, without further delay, move ahead to know the apps.

  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • Coffee meets bagel
  • OkCupid
  • Happn
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Match
  • eHarmony
  • Badoo
  • Grindr
  • Truly Madly
  • Zoosk
  • Her
  • NulT
  • Facebook Dating

Read about all the dating apps in the detail below.

  1. 1. Bumble

  2. Bumble-App-Web-Icon-600x301
  3. Image Credit: Bumble

    It is the best dating app for women to initiate a date. Bumble was made by the ex-Tinder employee. It is unlike tinder where anyone can send the first message. But in Bumble woman has to send the first message. If both are women either of them can send the first message.

    This dating app is designed for meaningful conversation, so you use the live stream feature as well. It is a unique dating app because only women can initiate the talk. After seeing the prospective matches, a woman can begin a conversation. Rest features are similar to other apps. Moreover, you can like and pass men and women to find potential matches.


    1. Verified profiles only
    2. Music sharing via Spotify
    3. Quick and 24/7 hours responses
    4. Intuitive designs for easy navigation

    Platform: iOS,Android

  4. 2. Hinge

  5. Hinge-Web-Icon-600x300
  6. Image Credit: Hinge

    Hinge is one of the top dating apps because it matches you with friends of friends. The timeline-escue profile page has a like button for every user profile. It helps to make choices fast and accurately. You can indulge in fair and natural conversation on this dating site.

    The individual page-like feature on the app lets you like what other people like in your matches. Several people use this free dating app in the USA. You can consider this online dating app to find a serious relationship. More control over the likes and conversations can help to find a real-life partner. So, it can be one of your Tinder alternative dating apps.


    1. Connects with mutual friends
    2. Location-based results
    3. Like and comment on a specific part of the profile
    4. Send unlimited likes

    Platform: Android,iOS

  7. 3. Coffee Meets Bagel

  8. Coffee-with-Bagel-app-Web-Icon-600x307
  9. Image Credit: Coffee meets Bagel

    Coffee meets bagel is a platform for dating online that makes meaningful connections. It can spark hearts and inspire people to share themselves authentically and enthusiastically. Coffee meets bagel is a popular dating app for elite singles.It renders more power to women by eliminating the guessing game like the Tinder app. It is because women only receive suggestions from the guys who have shown interest in their profiles. So, coffee meets bagel can help you to find the right match effectively.

    Guys receive around 21 matches in the noon called “Bagles”. This app is the brainchild of three sisters from New York. If you also have a similar app idea and are worried anyone can steal it before you begin the development, patent your mobile application.


    1. Connect with people who show interest in you
    2. Easy browsing through additional profile
    3. Bean collection
    4. Suitable to find someone special

    Platform: Android,iOS

  10. 4. OkCupid

  11. OkCupid-App-Web-Icon-600x304
  12. Image Credit: OkCupid

    OkCupid is one of the most popular apps similar to Tinder. The app asks for a personality test. For this, you have to give answers to some questions. Based on the answers, the app shows matches. It helps the dating website to show the refined dates. Top dating apps like OkCupid doesn’t only focus on looks but also on your interest, likes, dislikes, qualification, and others.

    That’s why it is written on the website page “You are more than just a photo”. You can easily weed out the prospective matches and make a dating scene with your potential match. Moreover, it has an interactive user interface that makes the journey of the app users smooth.


    1. Find matches having the same interest and passion
    2. Personality test
    3. Unique messaging system to find easy matches

    Platform: Android,iOS

  13. 5. Happn

  14. Happn-app-Web-Icon-600x304
  15. Image Credit: Happn

    You can like or dislike other users on the Happn app. It offers an innovative concept that is “Cross-path dating”. It combines the power of social media to show you people on the app around you. For this type of search, the dating app designed based on locations. Its concept is simple, every time you cross paths with people in real life who are on Happn, their profiles appear on your timeline.

    Likewise, you can also know how many times you have crossed paths with a particular person’s profile. Although it can be not that useful, you can enjoy this feature for a while.

    This feature puts it on the list of the best apps. Moreover, it makes this dating app similar to the tinder app. Around 70 million people are interested in the Cross-path feature and love to use the dating service.


    1. Cross-path timeline notifications
    2. Send a secret like
    3. Location confidentiality
    4. Crush time

    Platform: Android,iOS

  16. 6. Plenty of Fish

  17. Plenty-of-Fish-Web-Icon-600x357

    Image Credit: Plenty of Fish Dating App

    If you are looking for apps similar to tinder, it can be an option. It is because Plenty of Fish dating app provides most of its features completely free that you don’t get in Tinder. You can use it for a dating game as it allows you to send unlimited messages and check unlimited profiles. In addition, around 150 million people use this dating app.

    You get plenty of options, plenty of live streams, plenty of likes, and plenty of ways to connect on this dating app. So, singles can get many options to start a date and find happy relationships.


    1. Video chat with app members
    2. Disable messages at any time
    3. No need for matching results for connecting with people
    4. Many free features

    Platform: Android,iOS

  18. 7. Match

  19. Match-Web-Banner-600x278
  20. Image Credit: Match

    The match is one of the dating apps like Tinder that most people trust for a serious relationship. I included it in the list of apps like Tinder because it offers excellent features to filter people based on their preferences. Consequently, you get to meet like-minded people and soulmates. Moreover, Match has more than 15 million active members. You can call it the first dating site because it has been here for many years.

    It is one of the free dating apps that offers many features. A paid subscription is also available if features in the free version are not enough to find the right match. It lets you find a date based on hobbies, physical appearance, habits, and others.


    1. The matchEasy to use site
    2. Various filters
    3. Personalized match recommendations
    4. Easy to set up a profile

    Platform: Android,iOS

  21. 8. eHarmony

  22. eHarmony-Web-Icon-600x337
  23. Image Credit: eHarmony

    I want to put eHarmony in the list of the best apps like tinder due to some reasons. It is a trusted dating site for singles to find value-filled relationships. It uses a scientific approach to find highly-compatible singles. The compatibility matching technology in the eHarmony app uses 30 dimensions to find the perfect match.

    Moreover, the fun matching system attracts more users to the app. This digital dating app shows only those profiles that are highly compatible. So that you can find a date easily and in a short time. So, for long and fulfilling relationships eHarmony can be a great help.


    1. Advanced search features
    2. Intuitive profile features
    3. Joining is free
    4. Personality driven profiles

    Platform: Android,iOS

  24. 9. Badoo

  25. Badoo-Web-Icon-600x360
  26. Image Credit: Badoo

    Badoo claims to have around 250 million users in more than 180 countries. It was launched in 2006, and since then it didn’t look back. But how it is worth your time? Like most dating apps, it also has location-based chat features. This dating platform offers you two ways to find a potential match “Encounters” and “People nearby”.

    For the best dating experience, the app matches you with singles that are associated with your interest. It’s for the “Encounter” way. While “People Nearby” section shows you a list of people near your area who have a common interest. So, the app focused on finding potential matches based on locations. I find it worth putting in the list of the apps like tinder.


    1. Catch up with people nearby you
    2. Real-time coordinated dating
    3. Video chat with the match

    Platform: Android, iOS

  27. 10. Grindr

Grindr - Gay chat

Image Credit: Grindr

Grindr is a hookup app for gay, bisexual, and trans men. It is the world’s largest social networking site for homosexuals. Finding a partner is not easy for gay and bisexual people. They often feel shy and worried about how to approach people of similar sexual desire.

The Grindr app makes it easy for these people to find their match effectively. Moreover, 3 million people use Grindr daily and around 13 million users connect monthly. You can create your dating profile by providing information about your preferences. It helps to find matches easily.


  1. Save chat phrases
  2. Many free features
  3. Lets you browse anonymously
  4. Various communication options

Platform: Android, iOS

  1. 11. Truly Madly

  2. Truly-Madly-Web-Icon-600x338
  3. Image Credit: Truly Madly

    Truly Madly is one of the best apps because of its many interesting features. Tinder is available in different countries while Truly Madly is only in India. It has effective matching algorithms through which you get the possible matches. Truly Madly offers a “Spark” feature that you don’t find in other free apps like Tinder. Spark someone means to send a personalized message to whom you like.

    Liking someone can make you appear in the recommendation list of the person you liked. This way, you can increase the chances of getting attention before anyone. In addition, to keep the fake profiles at bay, it uses a trust score to indicate how trustworthy a specific profile is. If you like Tinder, this feature is not there. Truly Madly is a neat dating app for Indians.


    1. Set the age range of the profiles you want to see
    2. Change the location to Near Me and Smart Location
    3. Profiles of NRIs
    4. 34 Right swipes in a day

    Platform: Android,iOS

  4. 12. Zoosk

  5. Zoosk-app-Web-Icon-600x313
  6. Image Credit: Zooks

    Zoosk is a USA-based dating app. You can find serious relationships rather than flings on Zoosk. Searching for quality people for dating would be easy for you by being on this app. Many people use the Zoosk app worldwide to find suitable love partners. You can go for a paid subscription if you want to access more features and advanced results. It will let you discover more than 40 million profiles.

    In the list of apps like Tinder, Zoosk stands differently for being a quick technology adaptor. Carousel or SmartPick features of the Zoosk app are amazing for better connection. The impeccable and intuitive user interface of the app also attracts other users.


    1. Advanced search
    2. Photo verification
    3. Meet nearby singles

    Platform: Android,iOS

  7. 13. Her


  1. Image Credit: Her

    Her is a lesbian dating platform. It is one of the popular dating apps for the LGBT community. It is a different app in the online dating industry. Queer women can find like-minded women for dating on this app. Since social stigma is prevalent in marrying or loving a person same sex, finding the match is not easy for lesbians.

    Many lesbians can’t come out open about their physical preferences. And moving ahead for girl-on-girl love is not easy. In this case, Her like app helps to find love without any hurdles. It has around 4 million users who can find their love. People in Canada, USA, UK, and Australia make dating profiles on it.


    1. Premium search filters
    2. Location-based searches
    3. Unlimited swipes
    4. A safe and inclusive platform for dating

    Platform: Android,iOS

  2. 14. NuIT

  3. NuIT-Web-Icon-600x305

    Image Credit: NuIT

    NuIT provides an astrology match with a compatibility score. You have to provide details like your name, address, birth date, birthplace, and many other things for a fully personalized astrology chart. It helps the app to search against many profiles based on cosmic personality traits.

    NuIT provides you with a compatibility score that helps you discover better people that match your personality. It is not like Tinder where most people go for casual relations. You can use NuIT to find long-term relations. The cosmic connections insight algorithms on the app help in the same.


    1. Daily horoscopes to stay tuned
    2. Best for finding long-term companions
    3. For those who believe in astrology
    4. Unique features to find matches

    Platform: Android,iOS

  4. 15. Facebook Dating

  5. Facebook Dating
  6. Image Credit: Facebook

    You can find a virtual date for a great dating experience on the Facebook dating app. It is available in the countries like US, Brazil, Canada, Peru, and many others. You can make a dating profile besides your Facebook profile. But it allows only those who are above 18. Users can integrate their Instagram posts directly into the Facebook dating app.

    Moreover, the app lets you make a list of secret Crush from your Instagram followers. When the crush you added to your list also adds you to his or her crush list, it would be a match. Facebook dating provides a list of some safety tips. These tips help you avoid uncertain and uninvited problems while meeting in person.


    1. Create a profile
    2. Integrate Instagram posts to Facebook dating profile
    3. Create a secret crush list
    4. Finds matches based on interests

    Platform: Android,iOS

These are the best tinder alternatives in 2022. You can use them and explore which is worthful to find you the love of your life. Moreover, if you are planning to make a dating app, then also the list of apps like tinder will help you develop a better app.

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How to Develop an Online Dating App?

When you want to create an app from scratch, you have to focus on various things and use different resources. It is a long process and requires technical expertise, experience in app development, and a team of professionals. There are many apps like tinder, how will your app stand out?

You have to consider some things before you begin development or hire an app developer.

  • Validate Your Idea
  • Analyze Your Competitors
  • Don’t Miss Out on Important Features
  • Think of Unique Features
  • Understand the Matching Algorithms
  • Use AI Technology
  • Keep Security at Priority
  • Check Reviews About App Development Company
      1. 1. Validate Your Idea

        Is it worth developing a dating app? You must know the answer to this question. Do you know around 69% of women and 76% of men in the USA accept that they never tried a dating app? Shocking! isn’t it? Then why online dating sites are getting popular? It can be the reason that people use the apps but don’t admit it.




    1. So, you should use different ways to validate your dating app idea. Research, set your goals, find the demand and access the market size to be sure of your idea.

Also Read: How to come up with new app ideas to make money?

  1. 2. Analyze Your Competitors

    It is an inevitable step to developing a promising app. Until you know what your competitors are up to, it would be difficult to develop a competitive app. So, analyze your competitors to the depth. For this, take a close look at the existing apps and their features.

    By doing so, you can understand what difference you need to bring to make the best dating app. Although most popular dating apps have similar features with minor differences, you must find which features make them popular. It will help you find innovative features for your application.

  2. 3. Don’t Miss Out on Important Features

    This is obvious that you should not miss out on the basic features of a dating app. It can cause an inconvenience to the app users. Basic features are intuitive so that people can navigate the app effortlessly. Some of the important features are dating profiles, voice and video calls, in-app chats and messaging, push notifications, matchmaking, advanced search filters, and many others.

    You can easily find the important and basic features by checking the applications of your rivals. It will save time and effort. Moreover, don’t miss out on checking negative feedback because this way you can improve your app features.

  3. 4. Think About Unique Features

    Why would anyone use your app, if it is exactly a copy of Tinder or any other dating app? It takes time to build trust in some apps. So, if your app looks different, has innovative UI/UX designs, and offers some unique concepts, people can notice it sooner than normal apps get noticed.

    So, think of some unique features and discuss them with your app developers or an agency. This way, you can improve your features and bring something compelling to your app users.

  4. 5. Understand the Matching Algorithms

    Although developers have to understand the matching algorithms, you should also have a basic understanding of algorithms. This will help you give better suggestions and ideas on how to show correct matches. Mysterious lines of code control all the match suggestions on an app.

    Dating apps use your data, the data includes some personal information, address, likes and dislikes, education, profession, and others. Besides it, developers apply some logic and show you the best recommendations.

  5. 6. Use AI Technology

    AI technology in dating apps has revolutionized the dating industry. It helps to detect objects in photos, suggest the most suitable recommendations, and more. AI makes many things obvious that you don’t realize. For example, Tinder harnesses the rekognition feature of Amazon to identify personality markers.

    It helps to improve the matching algorithms for premium subscribers of the app. But Machine Learning needs a huge data to create AI models and generate accurate predictions. It leads to more likes and matches on the profile.

  6. 7. Keep Security at Priority

    There are many apps to find a dating partner, but not all are popular because of some drawbacks. The security issue is one of the drawbacks. Fake profiles, unnecessary messages, and many other things can irritate and cause major security issues. Enable the block system for suspicious profiles.

    Moreover, provide some security tips to the new users as the Facebook dating app does. You can make your app more secure with some extra and robust security options. It creates trust and authentication for your application and more people will like to use it.

  7. 8. Check Reviews About App Development Company

    If you want to hire an app development agency, be ready with your thorough research about the top companies. Check reviews, and talk to the people who have already taken the services of the software development firms. By doing so, you can know the projects and the technologies company work with.

    You can check the portfolio of the company to get insights into the projects. If you think that the company can do justice to your app idea and offer an innovative software solution, you can go for it. Moreover, discuss with experts and clear all your doubts.

Wrapping Up

This is all about the best dating apps. Now you know the features, things to consider for app development, and more. If are looking for the top app development company, you can contact Technource.

We have developed many innovative and robust applications for different industries. Our cost of app development is also light on your pocket. Talk to our experts at any time for free and discuss your app idea.

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