11 Best Sites to Find App Developers for Hire (Freelance Mobile App Developers + Agency)


The blog includes information about the top 11 sites where you get app developers for hire. These sites make your journey to find the best team for your dream project on the app idea. You can hire freelancers and an in-house development team with the help of these sites. Find out the reasons to hire freelancers and an in-house team and the cost of developing an app from scratch. You will get to know much more in this blog, so begin the journey.


Not having a mobile site or mobile app is like being closed every ThursdayMichael Singer, Google

Can you imagine the world today without mobile apps? No. It is because mobile apps have changed the way live, connect, and respond. Whether you are traveling, ordering food, booking hotels or restaurants, educating children, and getting home services done, an app is the first thing you look for help because there are apps for everything, aren’t there?

App businesses have grown up to an incredible state. Today, you also want to hire app developers from the best custom mobile app development company for your business growth. 88% of mobile time is spent on mobile apps. So, if a business doesn’t have an app, there is less chance of its success.

Many stakeholders have increased their sales by providing the best customer experiences with the help of mobile apps and have made a huge profit. Mobile apps generated more than $900 billion in 2023. Today, almost all industries have web apps and mobile apps for the smooth running of their business processes.

Number of mobile app downloads worldwide from 2017-2025 (In millions)


But, this is also true that every app is not a successful mobile app. The right mobile app developer has a great contribution to the success of an app. Likewise, the right mobile app development team with experienced professionals is a must for the success of an app.

Whether you want iOS, Android, or full-stack developers for your project talented developers can handle complex projects and deliver the best results. You can hire developers from the top websites mentioned in the next section.

11 Best Sites to Hire In-House & Freelance App Developers

Are you planning to build an Android app in 2023? Hire app developers from the 11 best sites. Also, find the best talent for iOS app development and web app. You can hire freelance app developers and a mobile app team on these sites.

  1. DevTeam.Space
  2. Hired
  3. Toptal
  4. Upwork
  5. Stackoverflow
  6. Dice
  7. Gigster
  8. GitHub Jobs
  9. Gun.IO
  10. Fiverr
  11. QBurst

1. DevTeam.Space:

Devteam Space logo

You can find expert mobile app developers for hire on the DevTeam site. It is a place for more than 1000 high-class developers. The website has an efficient screening process to find the right app developers for the software solution. It is a giant freelance developers community. Project managers and app founders can hire an iOS developer and an Android developer from here.

2. Hired:


Companies can interview developers to choose the best mobile app developers for interactive apps. This freelance site has customized matching software that is effective in connecting you with the ideal app programmer. You can search for a good app developer by using an advanced search system, and then interview him/her. Hiring mobile app developers is easy like nothing on this site.

3. Toptal:


Toptal has designers, UX/UI experts, and even finance professionals as well. The Freelancer pool is so rich that you can get the best talent for your app development project. Most developers have worked on iOS and Android applications. Its transparent and vetting system helps software engineers to overcome challenges. Likewise, it handles technical and payroll aspects.

4. Upwork


Upwork is the hub of millions of freelancers from different competencies such as software development, design, testing, marketing, and others. From mobile app developers to project managers and other tech professionals, you can hire dedicated developers for multiple projects. From freshers to experienced professionals, hire any type of developer for your business app.

5. Stackoverflow:


Stackoverflow has a huge community of iOS and Android app developers. This is a dedicated platform for mobile app developers. Software development companies can hire native apps and cross-platform app developers on this site. It is also the best place to learn about coding. This platform gives more exposure to dedicated developers, so you will notice the highest-performing app developers first on the board.

6. Dice:


If you want to hire highly qualified top app developers look no further than Dice. It has elite app programmers so the prices are also high. You can easily find a highly skilled and experienced mobile application developer on Dice. It is a leading career destination for tech leads. You can find the best talent in the freelancers’ pool and develop an app for your Android users.

7. Gigster:


Gigster connects employers with in-house project managers. They can discuss the requirements to complete the development process. This app development agency works as a connection between developers and clients. It has candidates with various developmental skills to work on your app project.

8. GitHub Jobs:

GitHub Jobs

Hire mobile app developers around the globe for your dream project. GitHub is the best alternative to Monster and Indeed job searching sites. You can find a mobile app developer using search features and filter the talent as per your project need. GitHub is one of the world’s biggest open-source repositories.

9. Gun.IO:


You can hire world-class mobile app developers for all sizes of software projects. Gun.Io provide you with designers and developers for startup and fortune 500. It delivers exceptional software engineers. You can book interviews with an app developer instantly. Advanced features of the site help you find the best matches for effective web development.

10. Fiverr:


Fiverr contains a lot of tech talent based on skills and experience. Hire app developer for the front-end and back-end development process. Whether you are looking for Python top mobile app developers or React native developers, Fiverr has matching talented developers. You can also hire web app developers.

11. Remoteok.io:


Are looking to scale your current team by hiring an app developer or want to create an app from scratch to expand your business? Whatever the reason for hiring an app developer, Remoteok.io can ensure the best app development. Java, Python, React, and iOS developers have a high presence on the board. Hire professionals for Android apps as well.

If you want to gain more knowledge about how to hire app developers, check out this YouTube video: How to hire dedicated software development teams? 

Moreover, be aware of scams while using any site to hire an app development company. Avoid payment unless there is an escrow or refund process.
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Why Hire Freelancers?

Many companies hire remote software developers for their projects. It has become a trend after Covid-19 because businesses have easy access to global talent than before. A freelance mobile app development team provides many benefits. Check them out below.

  1. Cost Savings
  2. High-quality Work
  3. Larger Talent Pool
  4. Faster Deliverables
  5. Company Risk Reduction
  6. Specialized Talent

1. Cost Savings:

If you want mobile applications for your Android users, you need to keep track of expenses. Traditional full-time employees are expensive. A company has to pay salaries and provide training, benefits, health insurance, and payroll taxes. It increases the cost of app development.

2. High-quality Work:

When you hire mobile app developers from freelancing sites, you can interview them and find how qualified and skilled they are to handle your project. Freelancers have a range of experiences. They can offer high-quality software solutions because they compete with other freelancers to grab projects.

3. Larger Talent Pool:

mobile application development companies are restricted to using limited technologies. They also have limited professionals for particular technologies and services. Whereas, you can hire diverse talent for your app project ranging from different project sizes, types, and programming languages.

4. Faster Deliverables:

Freelancers offer fast deliverables than full-time employees. You can get an Android app developed in a few months by an Android developer who knows the suitable programming language for the particular project. The same goes for iOS apps and for their app development process.

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5. Company Risk Reduction:

A contract is signed between freelancers and an app owner, which reduces the risk. While full-time employees need proper training and benefits, and onboarding them takes up a lot of money. In this case, if the employee leaves the company, the money spent on his training and onboarding is wasted.

6. Specialized Talent:

You get specialized talent when you hire freelancers with great communication skills. If your iOS development requires an AI-powered agile process, a developer with a specific skill set can be found. The cost of freelancers varies as per their experience and skill set and your project requirements.

Reasons to Hire a Development Company?

Hiring freelancers has pros and cons and hiring an in-house development team also comes with pros and cons. You should have comprehensive information about both types of developers for better decisions. According to the McKinsey survey, 50% of the IT budget in most businesses is directed toward developing new applications.

An app development company follows some hiring models like onshore, offshore, nearshore, and hybrid. Have a look at the benefits of hiring app developers.

  1. No Hiring Stress
  2. Agile Project Development
  3. Maintenance And Support
  4. Quick Development
  5. Regular Feedback

1. No Hiring Stress:

A project contains various tasks to complete and specialists are needed to handle particular tasks. For example, for front-end development, a designer and for back-end development a developer is needed. In freelancing, you have to hire different talent on your own, but when you seek outsourcing companies, you get a complete team for app development.

2. Agile Project Development:

The Agile development method is the most significant way to complete projects. Whether you use the iOS platform or Android platform, Agile project development is the most effective method. A project manager uses this method to complete the project impeccably and reach the target audience quickly.

3. Maintenance And Support:

When you hire an app development company, you get app maintenance and support services which are missing in hiring freelancers. The app development firm takes all the responsibility for any error, bug, or problem in the app and fixes it. A company provides maintenance services for a fixed time.

4. Quick Development:

An in-house development team works under a project manager. He assigns tasks and as a sprint is completed, a new sprint starts. So, after some sessions on sprint, app programmers offer the best result on time.

5. Regular Feedback:

Software development companies update you about the progress of your application. You can provide your feedback to the best app developers and they will consider the same to meet the app requirements. MVP helps to get feedback from your app users before completing the app.

A development team cost is around $30,000. However, the price can be different as per the complexity level of the project. Professional developers use different sources for app research, which also adds to the cost. Developers understand the importance of mobile app research for project management and development.

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How to Hire Dedicated App Developers?

You can hire dedicated app developers with the help of the 11 best sites mentioned in the blog. If you personally know developers then you can approach them. Also, with the help of acquaintances, you can find the best talent.

How to hire Mobile app developers, is the most important question, and many businesses struggle to find its answer. If you have a complex project, hire an outsourcing company. It is because outsourcing companies have experts for all the development phases of software with suitable technical skills.

What Skills Should I Look for in Developers Before Hiring?

Before you hire app developers look for the 7 skills so that you can hire the right talent for your dream project. Check the below skills in a developer before hiring him/her.

  1. Knowledge about browser tools
  2. Knowledge of programming languages
  3. Programming fundamentals
  4. Design and development tools
  5. Interpersonal skills
  6. Critical and logical thinking
  7. Experience in developing software

Wrapping Up

Hiring top app developers to build effective apps requires some research and knowledge of the right platforms. Now you know both, so you can easily build an impressive app and publish it on an Apple app store or Google Play store. If you are still confused about where to hire the best talent for the app idea, Technource can help you. It has world-class experts who can guide you at every stage of development for free.Want a skilled agency for cutting-edge web app development_

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