Google Play Store: Everything you need to know

Around 100 billion mobile applications have been downloaded from the Google play store to date. It’s a huge number and makes Google play store a top platform to download apps and games. In the past few years, there is a rampant growth in smartphones since then Android apps on the play store also increased.

According to a study, around 80 apps are installed on a smartphone on average. People can find any type of app on the play store because it is the central hub of instant apps for movies, TV shows, e-books, games, cooking, lifestyle, and more. Being the top Android app development company, we know how curious people are to have the google play store app for their businesses.



App users sometimes feel overwhelmed due to the various types of apps, digital content, a ton of commands, and actions in the Google play store. However, gradually you become accustomed to the Google services, then you can install apps and games easily.

App developers have to create a Google Play account to upload apps. Well, this is a lengthy process and requires precision. So, most of the apps for Android devices are uploaded by experienced developers. More than 2.65 million apps are available on the Google play store. There are many other interesting and important statistics about Google play.

You will find everything important in this post. let’s begin by knowing what is Google play store first.



What Is a Google Play Store?

Android Market is the original name of the Google play store. It is a platform to download the google play store app of different types for android devices. It is a digital distribution service by Google LLC. Google play store has health and fitness apps, camera apps to click Insta pictures, education apps, and many other apps to watch TV shows, web series, e-books, and more.

In addition, more than 3500 apps are uploaded every day on the Google play store. Developers have to create accounts and upload an app to the Google play store. So, it is home to millions of apps and games. However, it offers you many other types of digital content as well.

Google needs no introduction because it is a reputed company with a large base of employees. So, many people use Google services, and the google play store app is one of the best services offered by Google. It also launched an app, the Bolo clone app. It helps children practice reading.

Different apps are for different purposes thus their sizes also vary. Google play store accepts apps from the range of 10MB to 4GB. It is a popular platform to download helpful android apps for games. Likewise, many people use iOS apps for games. Check out the image below. It shows the number of mobile game downloads on Google Play and iOS worldwide from the first quarter of 2018 to the first quarter of 2022.



Important Google Play Store App Statistics

I have curated some of the most important Google play store statistics. Check out them in the space below.

  1. How Many Apps are in Google Play Store?
  2. Apps Released Per Month and Week
  3. Apps with 4 or Above Ratings
  4. Total Number of Apps Downloaded Annually
  5. Average Number of Stars for All Apps
  6. Top 10 Mobile App Categories on Google Play Store
  7. Top 10 Apps Downloaded from Google Play Store
  8. Price Distribution
  9. Paid Apps
  10. Free Apps
  11. Global Usage of Play Store App
  12. Gaming Apps on Google Play

1. How Many Apps Are in Google Play Store?

Being the most influential tech company, Google always offers the best services. Millions of people use the official app store for the Android operating system. People can browse for any type of content and install apps whichever they like for their android devices. Due to the huge demand for apps, many enterprises want to develop apps for themselves.

Google Play Store contains around 2.65 million apps as per the data of June 2022. The number was 3.48 million in 2021. So, for your Android devices, you have 2.6 million apps to choose from. The number keeps on fluctuating as more apps come to the play store and Google removes the low-quality apps.



2. Apps Released Per Month and Week

More than 3700 apps are uploaded on Google play every day. From educational and gaming to Grocery delivery apps, you can find various types of search results. Every month Google accepts the request for many software applications. But it always checks for the quality of the apps to keep the trash out of the platform. Have a look at the image below. Here you will find the number of monthly apps released with the help of Google accounts.

You may think 3700 is not a significant number. However, this number adds to the huge number of apps for mobile devices. Different businesses and sectors come with a variety of applications as per their need so it leads to uploading many apps.

3. Apps with 4 or Above Ratings

More than 142000 apps have an average rating of 4.5 in the Google play store. Rating plays a crucial role to decide whether a particular app is good or not. People check ratings to download apps from the Android market. Better ratings improve the chances of being featured at top of the list of apps on Google play.

When you search apps for your Android device, considering rating is crucial. For example, if you see on your Android device that some Google play books apps have less than 3 stars, you would not go for those apps. Moreover, many people check reviews to know about the app better without using it.

4. Apps Downloaded Annually

91% of the world’s population has smartphones. It leads to the demand for apps for Android devices. More than 111 billion apps were downloaded in 2021. It was 108.5 in 2020 and the download number was less than 2020 in the previous year. So, you can imagine the total number of apps is increasing every year.

You can find apps for everything. For example entertainment, sports, games, education, stories, learning a new language, and the list is long. A wide variety of applications and digital content attract more users to find their software solutions. Many television shows are available on apps. Moreover, the apps have become advanced thus you get recommendations. It is due to Machine learning and Artificial intelligence technologies.

5. Average Number of Stars for All Apps

The average rating of applications is 4.5 to 5. However, many apps have lower ratings than this. Demand for the content type, new apps, and not adhering to the satisfaction of the users drive an app out of the list. Bad comments on the app and lower ratings create a bad image of the app.

So, it is crucial to be pretty straightforward and proactive to keep the app in demand. For this, you can take the help of an on-demand app development company. Because it considers SEO practices while developing your app. It helps your app to feature on top and get good ratings.

Moreover, you should update apps on a regular basis so that you can keep them attractive for the users. Generally, a 4.5-5 rating is considered good and most people download these apps only.

6. Top 10 Mobile App Categories on Google Play Store

There are millions of apps, so how to find the best one in a short time? Marketing on social media platforms helps a lot to make the app visible. There are many apps that people bolster and it makes applications popular. Check out the popular categories of android apps. They are from different niches.

  1. Gaming Apps
  2. Education Apps
  3. Shopping Apps
  4. Music Apps
  5. Business Apps
  6. Tool Apps
  7. Lifestyle Apps
  8. Food Apps
  9. Books Apps
  10. Productivity Apps

You can find many categories of apps on the Google play store as per your need. The digitization of businesses has increased the demand for applications. It is because businesses understand how crucial apps are for growth and reaching customers fast. Developers use various technologies to make the apps innovative so that they can become popular soon.

7. Top 10 Apps Downloaded from Google Play Store

Downloading applications from the Google play store has become a common process. From kids to elderly people look at the play store for every solution. Although there are millions of apps in the store for Android devices, some applications are more popular and most users have installed them on their phones through wi fi or data connection.

Here is the list of these apps that you also must know already because of their popularity.

  1. TikTok
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Telegram
  5. WhatsApp
  6. Zoom
  7. Snapchat
  8. YouTube
  9. Spotify
  10. HBO Max

The use of smartphones growing every day, so applications development is also increasing for Android devices. More smartphone users want more apps for different purposes. But some apps are used by most people in spite of some alternatives out there.

8. Price Distribution

More than 33000 apps were priced at less than 1 dollar in March 2022. As you can notice in the image below, 26,392 apps were priced at $1-2. Moreover, 13,530 apps were priced around $2-3 on the play store and so on. Only 2.174 applications are costly because of the price of $9-10. Well, the price distribution depends on various factors. Further, Google also takes 30% of the revenue and gives the rest 70% to the app owners.



When you upload an app to the Google play store, you have to pay some charges. Moreover, the process is a little bit lengthy and requires experience. You have to provide some information that should be correct and filled in accurately. So, if you don’t know how to upload an app to the Google play store, you can take the help of experts at Technource.

9. Paid Apps

You can choose between paid and free android apps while uploading your app. Well, it completely depends on the type of app you have made. Paid one is for in-app purchases and buying subscriptions. You must set up a payment profile and payment method for paid apps. Use the play console to specify your text rates. You can buy Google play credit with carrier billing.

However, there are only 3% of paid apps on Google play. Why is this so? It is because around 3% of developers are subject to a service fee on Google Play. Moreover, you don’t have to make multiple accounts to upload your app. Just register as a developer once, pay the fee, and use the account to upload apps many times. Several apps ask to buy subscriptions when you download the app, it is because the app offers paid services.

10. Free Apps

98% of apps on the Google play store are free. It’s amazing and attracts more users to take more services. Only 3% of the total apps in Google play are free. Check out the statistics below. You can install apps and use the digital content wherever you want which is for free.



Free apps reach more audiences and make a play store app popular. Moreover, this is the best way to improve the visibility of your app and make your business successful. Initially, apps are free, if you want to access more features you need app permissions. People don’t like to pay for what they haven’t tried yet. A large number of app games are free. Besides it, the first purchase is free for some apps.

11. Global Usage of Play Store App

6.3 billion smartphone users in the world. It clearly indicates that the app market will grow more than ever before. Moreover, there are 1.14 billion tablet users around the globe. You see, everyone has their eyes glued to the screen whether it is a laptop, mobile device, or tablet. They use different types of applications for education, ordering food, listening to music, watching Google tv, and mobile games.

You might find it surprising, but the average American checks his phone 262 times per day. And 88% of mobile time is spent on checking applications of different types. According to a study conducted in the USA, Millennials between the age of 18-34 years open apps most frequently. People access applications from desktops, mobile devices, laptops, IoT, wearables, and many others.

12. Gaming Apps on Google Play

Coin master was the top-grossing gaming app in June 2022. And Diablo immortal was the second most grossing application on Google play, it generated 26.17 million US dollars in revenue during that month. Dessert DIY had 21.88 million downloads in June 2022. The Bucket Crusher stands at the number second position as per the image presented below. It was downloaded 21.49 million times in June 2022.



The gaming apps on Google play have many fans. To develop the games of next-generation developers use AR, VR, and AI technologies. The use of the latest technologies increases the chances of the quick popularity of the app on the Play store. When you hire on-demand apps development company check for the technologies it works with.

Total Number of Apps Ratings
142,368 4.5-5 stars
78,475 4-4.5 stars
21,887 3.5-4.0 stars
142,368 3-3.5 stars
78,475 2.5-3.0 stars
21,887 2.5 stars

Other Google Play Store Application Statistics


I would like to present you with some other Google play statistics. Have a look.

  1. 49% of game players on Google Play are women.
  2. Candy Crush Saga is a top revenue-generating play store app on Google play
  3. Game applications are the most sought-after apps to generate good revenue
  4. There are around 1 billion Google Play users in the world
  5. As per the Google store analytics, YouTube has 20 million paid subscribers
  6. Google Play scans around 6 billion apps daily for safety
  7. More than 188 countries enjoy the services of Google play store
  8. Around 48 million Android apps have been installed on mobile devices
  9. Google Play platform contributes around 33% of the USA app revenue

Many popular apps for brands are generating good revenue for their owners. They belong to different categories. If you are also planning to make a google play store app, you must know that there are millions of apps and more than 3000 apps are uploaded every day. In this situation, how will you save your app’s idea? Patent a mobile application idea, it will help you to save it from stealing.

How Technource Helps in Android Apps Development?

Technource is a top app development company in the USA. We have been providing custom software development services for more than 10 years. With a pool of talented and experienced developers, we have handled many complex projects. We have Android and iOS developers. They have effective knowledge of different technologies like Flutter, Laravel, Angular, VueJs, NodeJs, MEAN, MERN, AR, VR, and AI, and the list is long.

They use various cross-platform app development frameworks. It helps to produce an app that can work on any operating system. Our efficient developers know how to design your Android application impressively for better visibility. Our developers not only help in the app development but also upload the app accurately on Google Play.

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