4 Fantastic Prediction can Increase Your eCommerce Business in 2017

December 14, 2016
By Technource

For all the eCommerce business owners, if you want to reach your sales to a new high in 2017; you should monitor the trends and people behavior. As per the Internet retailer prediction, online spending in the USA will generate more than $350 billion in a current year & this will continue to pass the $400 billion by 2018. Do you know that the online shopping is being increased by 44% in this year and there is no any sign of slowing down? Without any innovative attitude and knowing customers’ behavior, your business might find lagging behind & not meet the needs of customers at all. So, it is better to be with trends; here we have listed the 2017 predicted trends of the eCommerce business.

As an eCommerce web development professional; I would like to suggest you make changes in a website as per the trends to satisfy the growing needs of buyers.

Give First Priority to Mobile:

Mobile traffic has overtaken the desktop traffic on the web this year. Yes, you are reading, right. You might be getting bored of reading about the popularity of mobile in various eCommerce trend post. This is the reason why I suggest you keep Mobile in the center of your online store business. Even, Google is working on the new mobile first web index. These factors make mobile more important in online business than ever.

Shoppers love to use their handsets and tablets to buy online. But still, the mobile engagement has been lackluster in fulfilling consumer demands. As per Gartner, Mobile engagement & behavior of shoppers will definitely skyrocket online business driven mobile revenue by at least 45% in 2017. So, build App of your e-commerce store; customers will more attract towards your business than the website. There are many mobile app development companies that offer such services to build an app for your store.

Personalization and Customization:

The enough amount of data increasingly allows ads, content & products to be shown at the right time to the right people, across the social networks and web too. The ongoing sophistication of the customization will be a new trend in e-Commerce business 2017. It is better to collect data and customize them as per shopper’ needs; you will not be out of trend.

Real-Time Customer Service Will be in trend:

Keep in mind that an engaged buyer is a happy customer. You might be losing out on potential sales just because of responsive real-time customer service. So, think about the loyal customers like why do they return to your store for shopping? What kind of services are they requiring and what kind of services, you are providing and how you can enhance it?

For example, a customer come to your online store and buy something, but s/he might have a problem of shipping or something else? S/he asks you for the same, but your customer service is not up to the mark to solve his/her problem, then how can you believe that s/he will return to your store.

We all know that each business has thousands of competitors. And no one wants to loose customer just because of this. You can Maximize your online marketing efforts by sending updates via newsletter & social media.

Content-Driven Commerce and Social Selling:

Content marketing is not a novelty, but it isn’t going anywhere too. Giant search engines and users strive to consume high-quality content online. That’s why a big part of marketing efforts continue to be focused on generating relevant informative content. Even you can take advantage of the user-generated content by embedding social media feeds on the websites using various platforms like foursixty, stackla and much more.

These fantastic 4 predicted trends will show their impact in the next year. Actually, they have been started. If you are ready to improve your eCommerce business to next high in 2017, contact Technource for ecommerce web development and digital marketing services.

“Do not just loose your business due to not implementing above predicted trends.”