An influential invention for Mobile Applications – The PhoneGap

August 3, 2017
By Technource

It is conspicuous to note that, Mobile devices are becoming our one of the prior needs. Millions of applications are developed every day and go in the hands of millions of people. Nowadays, People love to explore different applications with extraordinary features. Developers have started using their hidden talent to develop apps that can run on any platform without discriminating to its features.

key-benefits-of-a-phonegap-mobile-appIn this era, we want everything to be done on an expeditious basis. Right? To do so, we also want things to be done as per our thought, design and look. Isn’t it? Yes, it goes without saying that this is the period of customization with rapid moves. To cope with this stage, we need to opt for an invention, a tool, or in technical terms, a software. Yes, here the spotlight goes to PhoneGap. An application that makes thousands of applications to be alive and exist.

What is a PhoneGap?

In the simplest terms, a PhoneGap is an application by Adobe that can develop applications for various mobile operating systems. Meaning that this open source platform can develop an app that supports cross-platform functionality. For building hybrid apps, the only tool that is handy and latest – PhoneGap. You might be thinking that it would seek a deep knowledge of some tough programming language. Keeping your thought to be just a thought, this enhanced app does not need any tedious knowledge of programming but the sound knowledge of web development scripts, like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

native-mobile-apps-xamarin-and-phonegapThis application is well coded in a way that, it does not need any plugins or codings but the editing of an app. One can do this by HTML codings simply. When we get a platform like this, making apps filled with amazing features can be considered just a piece of cake for our highly skilled programmers.

Let us ave some Ghlimpse of the Key Essentials:

  • An open source app building platform that supports hybrid applications.
  • Provides the web and native views according to the device.
  • One can run an app on any operating system, like Android, IOS, Windows, Symbian, BlackBerry, WP7, Samsung Bada etc with a single code with same functionalities.
  • Robust for adding various features to the applications.
  • Wrapping of HTML5 with PhoneGap plugins and flexibility with basic HTML, CSS, and js make it prove “write once, run everywhere”.
  • PhoneGap is having mainly two kinds of app building architecture. As it provides single page and multi-page app structures. Single page app uses javascript to make its navigation smooth. While multi-page app uses HTML enabled discrete pages.
  • It is the platform which develops native apps to become web view equipped applications.

What makes it favorable to the Company, Client and end user?

Whenever we choose anything to have for a long-lasting time. We do check whether it is beneficial to us or can be used as a short-term basis. A PhoneGap owes a technology that is totally dedicated to its clients and end users and for the people who release it. Because it is easy to develop, there is no need to learn advanced programming languages. Any technical person with a good knowledge of designing scripts can make the application.

Choose PhoneGapSecondly, it is cost-effective. It directly affects the company and the clients. As it is an open source platform, there is no scope of buying licensed versions.

Additionally, its low costs maintenance. Because it needs only one team with knowledge of designing to maintain the applications. There is no need of a specialized person in one operating system as it possesses cross-platform functionality. Also, it has a web back-end technology that can not be perceived by native app development.

Why has PhoneGap made up its way to the Finals?

For emerging out to the large audience, it is imperative to be up to the mark at every nook of your performance. Especially when the audience is well versed with the skills you are excel at. When it comes to PhoneGap, it does matches with this line and that makes it different from the competitors. It never releases UI controls to the javascript. Because of this feature, it makes a place in the market of cross-platform applications rather considered as a native app development platform.

For making the applications more reliable, PhoneGap has some new arrivals of an update. Like, it has changed the application size limits, given support for plugins from the official PhoneGap Cordova Platform. Also, PhoneGap has started making plugins with precompiled binaries and can be directly uploaded to the one’s account.

Besides that, a PhoneGap application is capable of supporting the platforms those are yet to come in the future scopes. It’s smooth navigation controls fit in every browser a user is about to use. A PhoneGap application does have all the features of native application plus the enhanced features of the cross-platform.

That’s why PhoneGap has taken the place for building hybrid applications taking place as one in a million. There are many giant technocrats has already chosen PhoneGap as their app Building platform and those are Facebook, Wikipedia, Paytm, IBM and many other immense numbers of techno geeks.

Let’s have a great start to your First App!!

Lastly, It is better to have an approach with this amazing platform for mobile applications if you hadn’t started yet. It is never late to initiate a perfect rise as PhoneGap does!!


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