Everything You Need To Know About Google Shopping Ads Update!

February 13, 2018
By Technource

For eCommerce businesses especially, having a thoroughly fleshed out buyer persona is vitally important, because it’s not enough to only understand what your customer needs and wants on the surface, you need to understand their entire psychology to create and sell your products effectively.” – objeqt.com

As per the latest report: Almost 86% of customers are looking forward to paying more by 25 % just for the sake of enjoying better customer experience

Today, shoppers are constantly looking forward to the best – best products, best price, best reviews and the best quality. The latest Nike shoes or the Bata stilettos? Skinny jeans or Flared Jeans? The $65 headphones or the $120 pair? By narrowing down shopping options, comparison and conducting further research, today’s users enter the state of which-one’s-the-best moments.

With more and more information literally at our fingertips – A big thanks to the mobile internet and Magento Development Company to provide us a digital platform, we are more becoming a kind of informed shopper. And the below stats backs this up: 59% of the online population is making more informed decision when it comes to new purchases versus 5 years ago.

A Detailed Snapshot of a Consumer’s Shopping Pattern

81% of the Shoppers Conduct Online Mobile Research before Buying”

Let’s enter in the world of smartphones. In such an energetic life where people are highly occupied, mobile makes shopping comparison easier in these micro-moments. With a glimpse of mobile searches related to “best products”; it grew by more than 50% as compared to a former year and it is expected to grow more year over year. And don’t forget, online reviews count a lot. In fact, 89% of the consumers say that they trust online reviews more just like their personal recommendations. Online reviews have made shopping more personalized and informed and it’s no wonder that amount of product review on YouTube grew by 50% this year.

With mobile shopping on the rise, so too is the amount of research being conducted on mobile devices before making a purchasing decision. With such highly influential enhancement on mobile shopping, there’s good news for you. Google has recently updated its shopping ads with power-packed features that enhance the discovery, research and comparison of products. Let’s have a look at the enhancements to Google shopping ads.

Hurry Up! Purchases On Google Has Arrived!

Aside from new purchase functionality, Google announced several new mobile ad updates for retailers and Magento Ecommerce development company including the following:

1. Expanded Ads When You Swipe Through Carousel:

Since Google found that 1 out of 5 people swipe to interact with shopping ads, Google rolled out new functionality where ad is displayed slightly larger as you swipe. Now learn more about a product and streamline your purchasing journey with Google’s latest shopping ad update. Tapping on the below link at the bottom of the product cards will display information such as:

  • <span”>A Bigger Image
  • Product Reviews
  • Seller Ratings

Scrolling down below will allow you to view visually similar or related products.

2. Newly Designed Shopping Ads With Product Reviews:

Today, majority people are talking with their phones to make purchasing decisions on the go. As we know, product reviews are very important. We can’t even think of going to a new restaurant without peeking at reviews.

Witnessing a drastic impact of conversation search that increased CTR by 11%, Google started rolling out ads with product videos, photos, reviews, description and further information about the specific searched product.

Apart from a specific product, whenever you’re searching for a broad category, Google highlights buying guides to narrow down your purchasing journey and thereby cuts down purchasing decision timeline.

3. Comparison:

Now compare products price, specification, and reviews, side-by-side in Google search with new and the latest Google’s ad update. In addition to this, Google will alert you to a newer model if in case you are searching for last year’s product.

Note: Though This New Google Shopping Feature Is Live Now You Can Expect It To Appear Only In US Search Results.

An Opportunity For Retail Marketers: How To Differentiate Your Products And Win Over Your Customers?

As a retail marketer of a leading Magento web development company, it’s a big opportunity for you to put your foot forward and differentiate your products. Here are some sure-fire ways to help you to win over customers and boost sales.

1. Feature Product Reviews

2. Feature products in context

3. Promote your best sellers

4. Show local availability of products

So, what are your thoughts on these new mobile shopping experiences? Do you think these update will create an impeccable impact on CTR and business revenue? What do you think, will it grow or harm your sales? We would love to hear it from you. Do let us know in the comments below.