Why Should You Hire Graphic Designer Than Going For A Fixed-Bucket Model?

Beautiful designs of applications and websites attract more traffic. It’s quite difficult to fetch customers on poorly designed websites even if it has valuable products to offer. A graphic designer plays a crucial role to give an impressive look and feel to the site. That is why when you hire Graphic designer, you have to check various things to get the best talent for the project.

When you hire an app development company, you get a complete team to work on your project. It includes graphic designers, developers, project managers, quality analysts, and others. In the fixed-bucket model, you look for the portfolio of the software development company as a whole. In this type of model, the client doesn’t have any idea who is going to work on his project.


How Is Dedicated Hiring Different from Fixed-Bucket Model?

Being a client, you should know who is going to work on your project for impressive graphic design. On the other hand, when you hire a dedicated graphic designer or developer, you can know about him/her. You have the privilege to go through the talent pool and choose the best talent for your project.

You can interview and hire a graphic designer after checking his portfolio. It helps to know the skills, qualifications, projects, and many other things about the graphic designer going to work on your dream project for engaging graphic design.

Pros and Cons of the Fixed-Bucket Model

Pros and Cons of the Dedicated Hiring Model

Pros and Cons of the Dedicated Hiring Model

3 Signs that You Should Hire Graphic Designer

You have to focus on various things to get the best web design software. However, selecting the best art director is the most important one. If you see these three signs in your project, you must go for a dedicated graphic designer or art director.

  • Early Stage Startup
  • Projects with Vague Requirements
  • Complex Long-Term Projects

4 Types of Businesses Mostly Benefit from the Dedicated Hiring Model

Stakeholders from particular industries hire a graphic designer for a quality graphic design project. They require many changes in the projects even after the beginning, and when it is at the stage of completion. Well, software development companies and dedicated designers design wireframes for mobile apps to avoid any mistakes.

There are many criteria to consider before selecting a new graphic designer for hire. However, some businesses and industries prefer a dedicated hiring model to get a talented visual designer. Have a look at them below.

  • Startups
  • Technology
  • Game Companies
  • Healthcare



If you are working on a startup, you can hire a Graphic designer. It is because startups may or may don’t have a big budget. To employ a professional team of designers, businesses need a big budget. Most designers who work for startups use adobe photoshop.

Startups like to go for dedicated designers because they can work on small chunks of tasks. The designers work on the project dedicatedly and use their skills effectively to deliver an impeccable software solution on time.



Most tech companies have in-house teams. But they need dedicated designers for the technologies and areas which they don’t work on generally. Some common areas like AI/ML, Cybersecurity, cloud, and development operations.

It is possible that some IT companies don’t have designers for these technologies in their teams. That is why, they hire Graphic designers as they get the projects for particular technologies.

Game Companies

Game Companies

Game companies hire dedicated game artists instead of outsourcing a game design project. Hiring a dedicated designer helps to build 2D and 3D characters, and infuse motion graphics. They also have to maintain communication with the game artists.

Clear communication leads to error-free and intuitive game development. Coordination between the artists and dedicated designers brings imagination into reality. They follow the best strategies for designing your Android application.



Budget and time constraints drive many hospitals to go for dedicated designers for healthcare software development. Post-pandemic, various hospitals require software on an urgent basis to automate business processes and provide hassle-free services to patients. Healthcare businesses want dedicated developers to invest in telemedicine, hospital management systems, and educational sites

If you want to become an efficient Graphic designer below video will help you get through the process.

Skills to Look for in a Dedicated Graphic Designer

How will you be sure that a graphic designer can offer you the best design services? It is by ensuring his/her skills. You can check the portfolio of the designer and know about the projects he has worked on, qualifications, certifications, skills, and other talents as well. You should check the below-mentioned skills in a designer before hiring him for your project.

  1. Intelligible UI/UX Understanding
  2. Creative Ideas
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Typography
  5. Emotional Intelligence

Intelligible UI/UX Understanding

Intelligible UI/UX Understanding

Having a clear understanding of the UI/UX designs is a must for a Graphic designer to create visual design. He should know which tools can improve the UI and UX designs of the website. An experienced designer can easily distinguish between different features.

A designer analyzes the target market and uses Adobe Illustrator to touch certain project milestones. Likewise, you also know the difference between UI and UX so that you can judge the designer based on your knowledge.

Creative Ideas

Creative Ideas

Creative ideas in the design field play a pivotal role. Every business wants innovative and impressive designs for its site. In this case, a designer has to follow a creative process and use effective ideas to turn the imagination into reality.

He must have a flare to draw designs on the paper as well. It leads to better project management. Moreover, a designer must put marketing efforts into other projects as well.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

What type of designs is a designer creating for your project, he must have a clear view of the same. And effective communication skills to make the client understand the same. Communication is the way to understand the imagination of the client and make it live on the software.



Typography is one of the crucial skills for a Graphic designer in which he makes effective use of color palette, size, length, typeface, and layout. A combination of these factors is crucial to evoke an emotional response in the visitor to the site. So, hire designers who know Typography.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

It has become essential to emotionally connect with customers through an effective online presence. A graphic designer with emotional intelligence can easily understand what customers want to see on the site or what can attract them. With a small assessment, you can find out whether the designer is emotionally intelligent or not.

Use of Tools

Use of Tools

The best software design tool reduces the manual work of designers and helps to create innovative designs. Tools have in-built plugins and features that a designer only has to drag and drop on the software. Most Graphic designers use Adobe Photoshop tool.

Knowledge of Coding

Knowledge of Coding

Although designers have to work with designs and have no need to write codes, they must know the basics of coding. Designers can think more deeply about the designs when they know the coding basics. Likewise, they can create designs that match the functions of the software better.

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Deciding Between Full-time Designers vs Freelance Graphic Designers

Hiring a freelance graphic designer or full-time graphic designer depends on what you want to achieve. Don’t go with the thing that you should only hire freelance graphic designers or full-time graphic designers. It totally depends on your business objectives. From logo design to revamping designs, graphic designers offer various services.
Well, several other factors also affect your choices for your graphic design projects.

Full-time designers

These types of designers are suitable for the project that needs to work from scratch or for new software development. After the project is completed, you can go for a freelance designer for minor changes in the project.

Hiring a full-time graphic designer would not be a wise choice if there is no need for major and frequent changes in the software. Check the graphic designer’s portfolio thoroughly before you hire him.

Freelance graphic designers

Freelance graphic designers are suitable for small projects. They offer cost-effective services till the time you want. Likewise, a lot of flexibility makes freelancers the first choice of businesses.

Software development requires a plethora of rounds, thus dedicated hiring model or freelancers would be the best along with a competent team. Experienced designers have effective knowledge of visual design. Write all needs in the graphic designer job description.

Well, the selection of designers is not easy. You should take your time for the right decision. Information in this blog will help you immensely to choose the best graphic designers quickly.

Moreover, both designers focus on major web design trends and project management tools to offer cutting-edge solutions to clients.

We offer custom and dynamic digital experiences within your budget2

Top 5 Challenges to Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer

Although hiring a freelance graphic designer offers various benefits, you may have to face some challenges. Here are the top 5 challenges that you have to face to hire graphic designers for your project.

  1. Not genuine skills
  2. Asking for extra costs
  3. Designers do something unpredictable
  4. Different designs than discussed
  5. Poor communication

Not genuine skills

When you hire graphic designers, you first check the job description on freelancing sites. You look for the top graphic designers by checking their skills. To find graphic designers matching your requirements going through their skills is a must.

But some web designers mention wrong or fake skills in a job description. Be aware of such a job description, talk to the designer personally, and ask about his skills. This way, you can find the best designers.

Asking for extra costs

The cost of a professional designer depends on various factors like location, skills, experience, project types, and the complexity level of the software. Many times design process is too long to build creative solutions. So, graphic designers ask for extra money.

You should communicate with the Graphic designer properly about the cost and clear your budget. Set the criteria for the cost of the features you want in the app or website. You don’t get this freedom while working with an in-house designer.

Designers do something unpredictable:

Sometimes clients get results totally different from what you asked for. Designers do something unpredictable with your project. Generally, this type of situation occurs when you choose a no-risk trial period. If you want to save your brand identity and make customers from the target audience make sure designers don’t mess with your website designs.

Different designs than discussed

Getting the designs and visual elements different from what you expected can be frustrating. Digital designers and web developers should understand impeccably what type of features and look the client wants for the website and application. Otherwise, a situation for rework can occur. You can know about the SDLC design phase here.

Poor communication

Poor communication is one of the crucial reasons behind every mistake in the design process. Clients should clearly convey what type of design projects they need. They can use communication channels to talk to design professionals. And explore some freelance sites to hire designers. Many designers use social media posts to get into the sight of clients.

Video calls would be the best option to tell a new graphic designer what you want to see on the app. Freelance graphic design can cause some doubt because you can’t sit with the designer can tell him what to do.

How to Hire the Dedicated Designers from Technource?

Technource is a leading website development company that has delivered many on-demand experiences for startups. It has Graphic design professionals who can effectively work on various graphic design tools like adobe photoshop, adobe creative suite, adobe creative cloud, adobe illustrator, and many others.

We follow the best project milestones and have the best company culture. So that developers, designers, and other professionals can easily work. Finding the best graphic designer for hire is easy at Technource. Our designers follow the design principles to present digital products effectively. You can also ask our designer about your website redesign cost.

Have a look at the reasons to choose Technource for the best app and web design.

  1. Experienced designers
  2. Innovative features
  3. Engaging designs
  4. Inclusive services
  5. Cost-effective services
  6. Sign NDA
  7. Support and maintenance

You can share ideas that are designer specific with our experts and get a consultation about the same for free. Our designers use different tools for graphic design and Adobe Photoshop is one of them. We also offer logo design services for effective brand identity. Explore portfolios of our designers to know their job responsibilities, skills, experiences, and qualifications.

Wrapping Up

Selecting the best Graphic designer online requires you to have some prior knowledge. This blog offers you that knowledge. Now you can hire a graphic designer for impressive web design.

It is because now you are not confused between a Fixed-bucket model or a dedicated Graphic design professional. Analyze your requirements and find the best suitable Graphic designer for your project

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