How to Make My Website Attractive & Professional? Try 7 Tips

July 15, 2015
By Technource


You might have heard “First impression is last impression!” This is also applicable for a website. If a visitor visits your website and if they don’t find it attractive, then there is a chance that visitor may bounce from your site. Your website must be attractive and professional so visitor likes to surf your site. You can improve your website by many ways, but I would like to suggest you, 7 important tips for improving your website.

Visual Appearance

Undoubtedly, the ‘content is king’ but visual appearance is also an essential feature to attract visitors. The website should decent and rich. The ‘color Schemes’ of website can affect your sale. Perhaps, you know that color affect the human brain. I.e. Blue color creates the sensation of trust and security and often seen with finance, insurance business, and banks. Before choosing color schemes, design and appearance of a website, you should research on the relevant business website.

Educate visitors about your mission

Publish your mission and aim at your home page, in a headline if possible. Mention your mission in your blog section and on about page. A visitor should understand the aim or mission of your website by just seeing the homepage or tag line of your site. In addition, a logo must be appropriate and it should represent your business.

Let the visitors know about your company, what they will get from your site, what you offer them and the benefits they can get, etc.

Simple Navigation System

Your website should have excellent and simple navigation system so that visitors easily find what they want. Simple Navigation of a website not only makes a simple task for a visitor, but also guide the search engine about your products and contents. Navigation should be in a descriptive manner so that a visitor can understand and find their requirement in minimum clicks. Indeed, a good navigation system of website saves visitor’s time and improve the website ranking in the search engine as well.

Call-to-Action Text & Color

Visitors spend few times on your site and now they have an interest in more action. Obviously, your website should have a few Call-to-action buttons such as ‘Open an account’, ‘Download’, ‘Try it now’ and so on. Use first person voice on the call-to-action button. Example: ‘My Shopping Bag’. Choose the appropriate color for CTA button.

Testimonial Page

Add testimonial page in your website. Ask your customers about your service and something about your company. Publish their opinion and experience in briefly on the home page. Many visitors like to read about your service and company through your customer’s testimonial.

Contact Details & Live Chat

Add your contact details at the end of the home page. Mention all basic information about your business such as address, phone no., contact email, fax no. You should add a contact form in a website for interested visitors. Nowadays, many company website have live chat facility; you can also provide a live chat facility to your customers through ‘Live Chat’.

Responsive Design

Users of mobile, tablet and phablet are rising in all geographical regions. Hence, your website should have a good responsive design so it can easily get surf by user in any of the devices. The great mobile friendly website impresses the mobile users and through it, you can engage with millions of mobile users. Furthermore, Google considers the mobile-friendly feature in website ranking, hence your website get good ranking in SERPs.

Eventually, the website presents your business on the internet. Hence, your website must be attractive and effective. It can impress the visitors and entice them for the second time.