Know the Risk of ‘New Owner’ Google Search Console Verification

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  • How secure are your website??? Today in an information era where numbers of black-hat SEOs and unethical hacker presents in the globe. Few days ago, internet security watchdog “Sucuri” has published post ‘Malicious Google Search Console Verifications’ is regarding malicious new owner verification in Google search console verification. Indeed, the trend observed in the past summer that some black hat SEOs are trying to become an owner of hacked sites in Google search console.

    There are many reasons have to hackers to prove themselves as an owner of hacked website, but the Sucuri mention the major three reasons that why Black Hat SEO will try to verify themselves as owner of the site.

    Reasons Why Black-hat SEO try to Get Ownership of Hacked Site

    • They want to access the ‘Search Analytics’ Section of search console to check the performance of their black hat SEO techniques in search engines and other statistical information.

    • Satisfy their curiosity or view the notification sent by Google regarding website being hacked and know that how Google can trace doorway pages.

    • To prevent the notifications to owner that send from Google about their site hacked and sometime they unverified the accounts of legitimate website owners hence they unaware about their malicious activities.

    In case of your website hacked and attacker proves that they are the owner of your website, you will be immediately informed you via email. You can investigate the issues if you will find the notification before unverified your account. The situation is becoming out of control as you let you react to it.

    Probably you surprised that it is very easy for a verify website owner to un-verify your ownership or un-verify other people to your website in search console. Thus, there are more chances to un-verify your account by attacker as the time elapses.

    The Action You Should be Taken to Remove the Attackers

    First, when you will notify about ‘New Owner’ in Google search console without your permission, then you should be need to remove the files that they added during the verification process.

    Another way to verify a website, it’s uploading an HTML file which provided by Google. If you were notified about, new owners being added then you should look for any new files that have been uploaded by attackers, remove it, if you don’t recognize it.

    Keep an eye out for ‘New Owner’ in Google search console notification from Google and if, unfortunately, find such a malicious act on your website then give respond accordingly issues quickly.


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