Technource Awarded Employee of the Month September 2015

October 12, 2015
By Technource


It’s true that encouraging and appreciating employees increase the business growth and employee’s working efficiency. Technource believe in it and every month we encourage our employees with Employee of the Month award. Every members of Technource do hard work and want to win the award but only one can get award with the outstanding performance and brilliant work.

Process of Selecting the Best Employee of the Month.

Technource has 4 departments, Web Development, website Designing, Internet Marketing & mobile apps development. First every team leader suggests the best member of his team to HR manager.

After that HR check out the employees’ sincerity, behaviour, timing etc. and select which is better than other by work and behaviour. The better one gets the award of Employee of the Month.

Employee of the Month (September 2015)

This time, there are 3 nominees for the award. 1. Rahul Gajariya (PHP Department) 2. Dimpy Patel (Internet Marketing Department) 3. Janki Patel (Web Design Department). Everyone is the best in his/her own field but winner will be one. Among these three nominees, Rahul from PHP department won the award of Employee of the Month September 2015.

 Employee of the Month Rahul  Rahul with certificate sitting on teen bag

Congratulations Rahul for Second time “Employee of the Month”

Rahul is known as One Man Army in office. He got the award for second time. He can work on any platform of PHP. He also helps other employees in work. For him work matters, not timings. He always thinks positive and is always eager to learn new things. He is a man who understands the client requirements immediately and completes the task in given time line.

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Technource not just encourage employees but also appreciate the team leaders who are the pillars of the company. This time Chiranjiv from Internet Marketing department won the appraisal from management. He is very much passionate about the work and company. No matter what time is, work matters for him. Congratulations!!!

Best Team Leader of TechnourceChirajiv with appraisal certificate on teen bag

Technource also appreciate the person who encourages others. Renu from Web Development Team was awarded the couple movie tickets by the management for her outstanding work and the way she is managing the team. Congratulations and have fun!!!

Renu won movie tickets at TechnourceRenu on bean bags at technource

On that day, the whole Technource team went for snacks at Mac Donald at Safal Pegasus. We all had enjoyed Mc Aaloo Tikki and photography. Have a look.

At the end, congratulations to all the winners and for the rest best of luck next time. There is no option for hard work. Start working hard and win the next month award.