Technource Celebrated Mismatch / Tapori Day & Delicious Dinner

February 13, 2015
By Technource

At the end of the Valentine week, we celebrated Mismatch/Tapori day on the last day. The workforce of Technource came with Mismatch / Tapori dress code and they looked freakish, laughable, comic & funnier; however, some guys highlighted themselves with the Hanky, Muffler, Chains, ribbons, Capri, Bleaches etc. so they looked like Tapori or the kind of mismatch.

Technource has arranged the enormous dinner party at the end of the week, and all employees went for dinner at Excite Bite between 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. The team has enjoyed the party with delicious food and making much entertaining at the party with the team as well as an individual.

Thus, our great week ended with lots of memorable moments and joys, everybody heartily enjoyed and participated in all amazing day. In fact, it was a wonderful experience, helped in getting out from routine schedule and also making us fresh and energetic. On the other hand, we got the opportunity to know each other thoroughly and came to close, it will create a friendly atmosphere in Technource ahead. We had arranged Blood donate camp in the celebration thus we are lucky to become a part of ‘Rakt Datta’ and game session help us to come out our inner gift in front of friends & colleagues.

It’s gratitude to Technource for providing greater opportunity to celebrate valentine weeks with much fun & joy, we are really thankful to Mr. Sanjay Rajpurohit, CEO to approve our proposal and heartily participated with us.

We have proud to our management team, Mr. Dixit Parmar (HR Manager) and Mr. Harshal Shah (Project Manager – PHP) for holding successful management throughout the celebration and involving in the events or programs.

Finally, need to appreciate all the staff members who had truly participated in the celebration and making fun of Valentine Week.



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