Tidbits on Apple’s Goodbye to 32 bits and Welcoming 64!

September 12, 2017
By Technource

Apple is going to make a drastic change in the world of mobile applications. With the advent of IOS 11, WWDC has unveiled one more reality to come soon. That is to say goodbye to your old versioned apps installed on your iPhone. There will be apps with 64 bits only at your finger’s run. However, Apple had started hide and seek with the users since IOS 10.3. One pop up used to come up showing need to update the application. So what about you? Ready to develop apps with 64 bit versioned? Or have already found app developers with an advanced preparation? Why this change has happened and how it will make difference to the every layer of people? As we know, IOS app development companies are awaiting the arrival of IOS 11. Here are some informative tidbits!

“Apple will drop support for 32-bit apps all together with IOS 11. This means that many legacy apps will no longer function at all.” – says Steven Troughton-Smith (Prominent IOS Developer).

  • You might be thinking oh! Snap your apps must be updated before the arrival of IOS 11. Yeah! That’s true as per the Apple’s statement. But then for developer’s community and app development sectors will also have a change in experience.  If you’re the one using older 32-bit apps on your all new device, up gradations are the must here for consistent usage.
  • Switching to 64-bit development, some developer vendors have started releasing new versions of applications that must be bought instead of updating the old ones. One will have a need to check the App Store to find the new version and possibly buy a new version of an application.
  • For the people doing tasks with the iPhone only, will need not to be worried more about their favorite apps to be cut off. They can check for the apps not supporting 64-bit architectures via settings on IOS 10 or IOS 11.
  • The simple the steps are. You can just Go to General -> About -> Applications. If you have 32-bit apps installed, you will be able to tap on Applications and see a list of your obsolete software. For newly IOS app development services, you just can only hope that developer continues to maintain the application and releases an update.
  • Whereas Microsoft being a strong competitor, gives backward compatibility. Thankfully saying to the mixture of virtual machine support and native OS capabilities. It would probably be possible to run x86 apps from any era in this modern system. Maybe exceptions are everywhere but not more often.
  • Apple, in contrast, being impatient to have apps that are completely be running with 64-bits. It has done preparation of leaving 32-bits, too. To give it a move, Google has started shifting to 64-bits only but its overall deployment lags Apple in this regard partially because of indecisive time of receiving google devices to the latest versions of Android.
  • Apple has dived into the making of the first OS,  as IOS 11 is becoming the very first supporting platform for 64-bit apps only. For better knowing, IOS 11 will be able to run on the iPhone 5s and all follow-up smartphones, including the SE. It supports the iPad Air and Air 2, the iPad Mini 2, 3, and 4, and the iPad Pro.
  • One of the Apple’s reference site macrumours.com shows Apple’s Speech at WWDC ”New IOS apps and updates submitted to the App Store must support 64-bit. Support for 32-bit apps is not available in IOS 11 and all 32-bit apps previously installed on a user’s device will not launch. If you haven’t updated your app on the App Store to support 64-bit, do the submission of 64 bits app soon for making your users be consistent.

Ending Point

One should hire iPhone developer to enhance their business into new updations with Apple’s IOS 11 because as many apps are being out there as the market is yours. To cover up the market and an app store with your applications, do contact such companies providing apps with 64-bit updations. You must be getting ready to adopt IOS 11 with more attractions and Updations. So let’s hope for the best results of newly updated applications.


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